Moto X Will Have $500m For Its Advertising

Google is preparing itself for revealing its first ever Motorola’s smartphone. Google has acquired it in the last year, May, a price tag for around $13 billion.

Google has been seemingly to make use of $500 million or more for marketing its upcoming “Moto X” smartphone. If that report from Wall Street Journal is true, then, Google is investing a large whale in the marketing sea, where its other competitors swim along with Google.

It was said that Apple has given $333 million as the budget for its advertising for 2012 and Samsung threw up around $401 million for its advertising within US.

But Google is hoping that Motorola will be able to take a seat at the mobile table along with Samsung and Apple.

The Managing director at Rutberg & Co, Rajeev Chand said to Wall Street Journal that Motorola is swooping in and breaking all the current marketers which exist. But the component suppliers are bit worried about the Motorola’s offerings might not be unique enough to carve the company enough space in the wireless world.

According to Journal notes, Samsung has taken three generations of its Galaxy line of smartphones to reach its ultimately best the rival, Apple’s iPhone, in device sales.

Though Galaxy S4 had enjoyed its sales and also struggled a bit, it has sold its units to 60 million during the poorer European demand.

It is not yet confirmed that Motorola is delivering its best smartphone which deserve this much marketing along with the competitors Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, and HTC One. Hope Motorola will overcome the smartphone fatigues which will affect its peers.

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