Missions Exclusively For Xbox One Players – To Be Featured By Dead Rising 3

The new mission has been exclusively featured for the players of Xbox One by Dead Rising 3. The tablet and the smartphone device will be running in the SmartGlass of Xbox One. The companion app of Xbox One will be linked to the game in order to act like a phone. This has been announced by the executive producer of the game named Josh Bridge. The linking will be done according to the character that will be relayed in the exclusive mission of the game.

You will be able to see the Dead Rising to be currently played after the app for SmartGlass Launch has been played. All you have to do is to give kicks on the phone and press a button. The SmartGlass apps are meant for actually skinning your phone. It is much like to become a phone for the universal game. All this was explained to Siliconera to Bridge. It was explained in the campaigns, the significance of the SmartGlass device. Bridge said that you will be getting further calls from the character that were seen only on the device of SmartGlass.

You will not be getting the calls from the guy if you are lacking the SmartDevice. It certainly implies that you will not be getting those missions. It can be interpreted that it was impossible to complete the main story if you do not have the SmartGlass. The storyline is all his own. Beside this it also interweaves along with main storyline. If that is not there, you will not be losing out what the story line is all about.

Bridge had further assured that you will be getting more from the game. The open world of Zoobie of the game will be taking control over it. This will be seen in Dead Rising 3. To know more about it, the players will be taking more and more control over the new protagonist of Nick Ramos. This had occurred in the crestfallen of Los Perdidos. This will after the three days from the release of the outbreak of Zombie.

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