Mercedes With Google Glass Integration In Cars

In cars, navigation is thing that has excelled a lot since its usage began in public. Now Mercedes-Benz along with Google is working on a new concept called door-to-door navigation making use of Google Glass for providing seamless navigation after you park your car and step out of it. The works on prototypes have already begun in Mercedes with Google and we could very soon see some real stuff. As Google Glass is already in the hands of “Glass Explorers” for beta testing.

The development will involve streamlining data flow between Mercedes app and Glass, as Google already offers walking directions in Google Maps.

The whole setup will work like you enter the Address on Glass at home, and the info is shared with in-car navigation when you get and it guides you till you remain in car, when you step out of car, the control is passed back to Glass for guiding you until you are at your destination.

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