John Hillcoat’s Triple Nine Slowly Taking Shape

Media has been speculating for quite some time, but Triple Nine by John Hillcoat is slowly putting up a stellar cast. Cate Blanchett, Charlie Hunman and Christoph Waltz made up the cast, but Hunnam’s been replaced by Casey Affleck.

The script by Matt Cook was approved by The Black List and the plot revolves around a group of corrupt L.A. police officials who realize that they need to shoot one of their own kind to escape from planning an elaborate heist. They decide to kill a rookie, who is an noble young officer. That role is likely to be played by Casey Affleck. Ejifor would be playing a career badass responsible for the criminal deed. Jordan would play the cop who has infiltrated the entire gang and would work with Affleck on a set up.

It is almost confirmed that Nick Cave would reteam with Hillcoat and take care of the music aspect of the film. The production on the Annapurna flick would begin next year.

Finally, everything seems to be coming together and one can’t wait to see what the directors and producers would do with an ensemble cast like this one.

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