Internet Explorer 10 Leads The Other Browsers In Malware Protection – A Latest Study By A Security Research Firm

A surprising question for the readers that is Internet Explorer 10, product of Microsoft is one of the most secure browsers. An interesting fact for the readers – Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera and safari are lagging behind in the security to protect malwares in the computer system. NSS Labs took the privilege to announce this news to the readers. There is no reason to deny to it because it is said by a security research firm in the latest study. It’s time for the readers to be conscious about utility of internet Explorer.

All the browsers participated in the test – Google Chrome both 25 as well as 26, Microsoft Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox 19, Opera 12 and Safari 5. The test was conducted to check which one of these five famous browsers is capable of protecting the users from the malwares. Unlike other browsers, two versions of Google were tested because it was updated when the testing was going on. This great test was conducted within a span of 30 days. It started from March 13, 2013 and continued till April 9, 2013.


It was a complicated and standardized test and was performed by using all the latest versions of browsers. These updates were installed on virtual machines, all running on identical machines having window 8 operating system installed in it. NSDS labs thereby conformed that windows 7 operating system will show different results, unit and unless proper tests were performed on it. There ewers an overall 550 test runs, using 754 malicious URLs. Interestingly these URLs were all active. Ultimately there were 18,000 on each browser. It is inevitable that such a massive test will bring results.

It was a repetitive test and was repeated in an interval of every six hours. It was done till the time the target URL was no more active. The test was precisely done by the NSS lab and it removed the sample that failed the validation criteria. The useless samples were adware and false positives. Ads per the study analysis only 913 URLs were found to successfully pass the test. It means it was successful in te post validation test.

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