More About The GTA 5, Out

After the map leak, more details about the upcoming GTA 5 (due to release on the 17th of September), have resurfaced the internet; how one can flip a car, how skills affect stamina, cops and other returning characters.

This information has been given out by a Reddit user who already owns a copy of the game. Firstly, flipping a car is easy where the player needs to use the right analogue stick. In addition to this, the car would flip regardless of the characters position. Furthermore, players can also control the car mid-air.

About the skills; players can perform stunts, headshots and more to level up the skills. Also, swimming ans biking hel increase a players stamina as compared to walking. The Reddit user has come across six characters from the previous games, but there would obviously return more.

To keep the game realistic and dynamic, Rockstar Games, along with the big area has increased a lot of other crimes and police chases while the player roams around. In addition to keeping with the realism, cops are harder to lose during a chase, as compared to the previous games.

Shooting range and pilot school are some of the side missions in addition to the features, in GTA5, which are necessary to be completed by each of the three players.

GTA5 five, as said before, is set to release on 17th September for PS3 and Xbox 360

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