Dirt 3 To Move Onto Steamworks

As we tend to bid farewell to the Games For Windows Live service, like we would associate unwelcome and peremptory relative that you simply feel compelled to put up with, Codemasters has taken the step of removing the GFWL client from its racing title DiRT 3. Just like BioShock 2 and also the initial two Batman: Arkham games in the past few week, DiRT 3 will now support Steamworks rather than Microsoft’s much reviled service Capcom has already declared that it’s wanting to get rid of the GFWL client from its games however there is still a couple of older titles that have it bundled in. GTA IV and Dark Souls are the other 2 games still saddled with GFWL however each has online elements that may build removing GFWL a bit more durable.

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