Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho Keen To Stay For 12 Years

Jose Mourinho feels that the key to a successful club is stability and he wants to remain in charge of Chelsea for at least the next 12 years.

“If you want to help the player grown, stability is required, in philosophy, ideas, style of play and leadership. If you look at Manchester United, they are backing David Moyes and I believe that he is doing a fantastic job in such a big club”, he said.

He had spent three year before at Chelsea and he is excited to return to Stanford Bridge because he simply loves the club and is extremely excited about the future about the club.

“I am looking forward to extend my four year deal and this is going to be the golden era of the club”, he said.

“I am looking forward to stay with them for 12 years. I would like to work with the Portuguese national team. England would be my next choice. I would like to experience international football as well”, he added.

“Realistically, I would like to analyse the situation at the end my fourth year. Hopefully, there would come a point where in the club and I could discuss the future of the club and mine”, he added.

Mourinho insists that he did not return to Chelsea for money and said that he would have stayed at Madrid if he was money-minded.

“A lot of teams offered lot money to me and I could have been in charge of any of them if I wanted. I love Chelsea and this is the place where I want to be. I left Real Madrid because I wanted to. They didn’t want me to leave the club. I could have got an ‘easy job’ is any other club. In fact, I am getting a lot less money than what I was getting at Madrid. I didn’t come here for money. I

have a team which is ready to attack the title and compete seriously. I love the club and love the project assigned to me”, he said.

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