‘Avatar 2’ Would Release Only In 2016

It has been four years since the release of James Cameron’s mega-release, ‘Avatar’. The blockbuster brought back the 3D version as well and it set the trend for many other movies. The sequel for the movie is taking longer than expected. ‘Avatar 2’ was considered in 2010 itself when the producers found that the ‘Avatar’ was a huge hit. Not only did they want to capitalize on the box office success of the movie, but also have a good follow-up to the plot, which would be seen in ‘Avatar-2’. Producer, Jon Landau believes that the film would definitely not release in 2014. “Looking at it realistically, I can safely say that ‘Avatar 2’ would be out by 2016”, he said.

James Cameron wanted to complete the shooting of ‘Avatar 2’ by the end of this year and it is obvious that it simply can’t happen given the rate of progress of the movie. We aren’t sure what the producers and the writers are thinking. They might even be thinking of a trilogy, like “The Matrix: Reloaded”.

We need to wait and see if the project, ‘Avatar 2’ starts anytime in the new future or whether it would be delayed even more. It must be remembered that with each passing year, the interest in the movie would slowly die down, rather than build the suspense.

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