Apple’s Latest iPhones 5C And 5S Are Now On Sale With Gold In Short Supply

The waiting time is over, now you can experience the all new Apple’s latest iPhones 5C and 5S, as they are on sale online worldwide and at retail stores across Europe and Asia, with a US retail launch scheduled for 8AM local time. But there is always an exception, if you are looking for a gold iPhone 5S, you may leave the Apple Store disappointed. From some report it is clear that the new gold model is in short supply for launch day. The shipping date for the gold iPhone 5S is now listed in “October” at US, UK, and Australia online stores.

Some of the reports also suggested that there is always a value of quantity with quality, as iPhone 5S will be hard to come by in general so, Apple may be focusing on the lower-cost iPhone 5C.

There are number of retailers looking for the opportunities to one-up it right out of the gate, however it would be better to buy from Apple’s own retail stores. Sprint and Walmart are trying full techniques to advertise it, as Sprint is offering the iPhone 5C for free to new customers while Walmart is offering at the price down to around $79.

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