Another Microsoft Internet Service, MSN TV To Be Shut Down

The long-running and infamous set top service, known as MSN TV, is reportedly being shut down by Microsoft. The closing down of this Microsoft Internet service, which was considered to be a means to access internet via television, was revealed via emails to subscribers and FAQs on the official website.

The interactive TV service, formerly known as WebTV, rose to prominence in the 90’s. It brought internet access to those without PCs and offered the users another way to enjoy online content. It was, however, a commercial disappointment and also made into the list of the 15 Technology Failures.

Despite of these pitfalls and Microsoft’s Xbox centric marketing strategies, this service was revolutionary in its own terms and hence, Microsoft continuously attempted at getting the service to catch on, by rebranding the device and later releasing MSN TV 2, with additional features.

One of the reasons of it being shut down was considered to be the many ways through which people could access the internet.

The service will reportedly be shut down on the 30th of September.

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