22-Year Old Video-Gamer Rescues Old Man From Burning Home

It’s every time that games get cursed, tangentially, for a few idiot criminal’s behaviour, everybody makes the rhetorical argument the local news never calls out the tangential gaming interests of a decent benefactor. Well, rub your eyes and stand corrected: A gamer is being referred to as a hero for saving an old man from a burning home. It isn’t simply the native media that is creating the association. A captain for the Orange County (Calif.) Fire Authority said it himself, informing reporters after 22-year-old Misrael Flores, of Westminster, helped his unconscious 87-year-old neighbour to safety.

The fire, started an electric cord (extension wire), did $25,000 worth of harm to the man’s home. The 87-year old (whose name wasn’t released) was treated for smoke inhalation and is doing fine now.

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