Updated Feature Of DropBox – Proves To Be Useful For Its 100 Million Users

The blog of Dropbox came up with a notice, thereby announcing the introduction of a useful feature. This feature is the ability to share links from your desktop too. Even though it’s small it is quite useful, it has contributed to the flexibility of the service of Dropbox. It is a renowned service of file hosting. Users will have the option to share the link of Dropbox when they will ‘right click’ on a particular file in Desktop. Clicking will also provide the users along with hyperlinks that you can also copy and paste.

These updates can eliminate some of the tedious steps that can also arouse the excitement within the users to avail for any service. Some of these updates are beneficial because it can remove small but time consuming and tedious steps. It happened within the previous month that Desktop has come up with a couple of features. These characteristics are responsible for streamlining its functionality. Last week also waved a feature of photo sharing. This feature of sharing photographs was experimental.

The company had also introduced the feature of a sign on by a single user in the later part of May. The updates that are coming up steadily in the form of a stream are facing a strict competition from other applications. Some of the competitors are iCloud, Windows SkyDrive, Google drive and box. Updates have revealed that Dropbox does not seem to be content in order to be pretty seated. Dropbox has a strong base because of its number of users and files. It has more than 100 M users and more than 1 B files that are shared across a platform on a daily basis.

The company is about to come up with an IPO in the later part of this year. The millions of regular users of Dropbox opt for this service with about 500 million devices. Statistics have been favoring the company since 2007. It happened since 2007 when the popularity of the company has achieved heights. It was during 2007 when simply being introduced. At the time of its onset, Dropbox was capable of synchronizing the user’s data.