How To Get Facebook Home On Any Android Device, In Any Country, On Any Network

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Facebook recently launched Facebook Home, a completely new integrated mobile experience for select Android users. Although the idea is to get more and more people spend more and more time on Facebook. The company has worked really hard to make sure that it really is only the select Android device owners that get to use it. The new application supported …


Too Much Porn In History? New Way To Automatically Delete History

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This article is dedicated to all those porn-lovers who just can’t get enough. In a situation, if someone sees your history? Don’t want to let others see your history when you’re not around? Too annoying to delete history manually? Well, all your answers are here because here’s an easy and confirmed way of automatically deleting history. It’s known to most …

Image Stripe Using PHP GD Library

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Image Stripe Using PHP GD Library PictureIn this tutorial we will create an image stripe using PHP’s file handling capabilities and GD Library. It will read any number of images from a specified folder and join them all to create a single server side generated image stripe. This will provide the basics of File Handling and GD Graphics Library.