TSMC Shakes Hands With Apple To Cook A-Series Chips For iOS Devices In The Future

From 2014, Apple’s iOS devices will be built on A-series chips powered my Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. This is was reported by Wall Street Journal.

And this is what the report actually says:

“This month, after years of technical delays, Apple finally signed a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to make some of the chips starting in 2014, according to a TSMC executive. The process had been beset by glitches preventing the chips from meeting Apple’s speed and power standards”, TSMC officials said.

And the report also added that these chips will be on a 20nm technology that would make the device much smaller and more energy efficient. And the usual thing, Apple has asked TMSC to set aside a dedicated factory site to produce the Apple A-Series Chips. And TMSC’s executives denied it because, they wanted to keep their independence and flexibility intact.