Titanfall Was Initially Not Planned For Xbox One

Titanfall may be one of the Xbox One’s most anticipated and liked games this year, Respawn said the game wasn’t originally in line for the console at all. In an interview with a leading website, lead engineer Richard Baker explained that Titanfall was initially in development for PC only and Xbox One version of the game was not at all in the plan list. He also told that Xbox One development made the PC version of the game this good, because it “justified the hassle in moving to [DirectX 11] and even 64-bit.”

Those changes were required to adapt the source engine so the game would be able to run properly on Xbox One. This also involved making the engine “multi-threaded” so it “buffered commands as soon as they came forth.” The other instrumental development decisions made by Respawn was the use of uncompressed audio in the PC version’s 48 GB download.