An Instagram Pic All The Way From Space

NASA astronaut Steven Swanson has kind of made history. Please don’t think that it’s something related to astronomy or space. No, but the historic moment is that he has posted the first ever Instagram sent all the way from space earlier this week. Swanson posted a selfie from the International S … Continue reading

SONY to Sell-Off Entire PC Business

Sony has announced that they are selling off their entire PC division. Well, yes the news is absolutely true and is very surprising. Sony’s Vaio PC business will be sold off to Japan Industrial Partners, wherein 250 to 300 workers involved with the PC business are also making … Continue reading

Amazon Buys Double Helix Games

Online retailer and distributor Amazon has bought in Killer Instinct developer Double Helix Games. The acquisition includes both the development studio as a whole and all of the intellectual properties closely-held, although terms of the deal beyond that are non-existent. Amazon … Continue reading