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How To Create A Swing Application Using NetBeans Swing Builder

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  This article explains the few basic steps to create a String program on Java NetBean and showing a background image in the frame. There are two approaches to generate this feature, one is by heavy coding, second is to simply use drag and drop actions from the Jpanel of the Jframe windows.               …

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How To Customize A File Upload Button Using CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript

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Today we are customizing a file upload button using CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript . If you have ever tried this earlier then you would know customizing a  file upload button is very difficult. Now, I am going to try and explain the process to you in a simpler way. So, take a look at how we customize a file upload button. Here, …

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How To Upgrade Bootstrap 2 To Twitter Bootstrap 3 Build

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Introducing  Twitter Bootstrap 3 with it’s new advanced features The  Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework is an awesome and  powerful tool to develop frontend user interfaces for web applications.  Twitter Bootstrap 3 is a simple and flexible HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery plugins framework for popular user interface components. Bootstrap makes it easy to create good-looking web pages and web-apps, plus it has …


How To Embed EAV Model In Symfony2 Collection Form

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Today we are going to embed EAV(Entity Attribute Value) model using Symfony2 Collection Form component. Collection Form in Symfony2 means that a specific form field needs to be used to take multiple values by duplicating the field as many times as needed. The above explained feature of Symfony2 was used to create dynamic generation & removal of specific form fields through …


How To Override FOSUserBundle

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Before learning how to override FOS, one should know what exactly FOS is and how it works! FOS is short for Friends Of Symfony. So now, before using FOSUserBundle, you should probably find more about what Symfony2 exactly is. Symfony2 Symfony2 is a flexible Framework for the development of PHP web application. Symfony2 can be used to build dynamic websites, …

Oro Platform

How To Create A Business Application In Data Grid – ORO Platform

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Creating A Business Application In Data Grid Any idea how hard and risky it can be to make an Open-Source project? Well, even we don’t expect most of the viewers to know, cause otherwise there would be no point of us. This article is to share how Symfony2 framework has easily been our best decision to work on OroCRM. It …

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How To Create A Multi Column Design Layout Using Wookmark jQuery

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Why Are We Using Wookmark jQuery Wookmark jQuery is a plugin that does one thing exceptionally well. If you’d like to create an elegant, uniform photo gallery, you can use Wookmark. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using Wookmark jQuery: Wookmark is an incredible image layout tool Wookmark is a plugin showing different sized images in a proper style …

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Former CEO of Index Corporation Arrested for Fraud

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Masami Ochiai, former president and CEO of Index Corporation has been arrested by Japanese authorities on charges of dupery and fraud. According to the Japanese investigators, Ochiai changed the company’s financial records despite being sold off to Sega Sammy Holdings last year. According to news reports, the 4 billion yen profit shown on Index’s records of the Q3 of 2012 …

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Yahoo to bring a YouTube Rival this Summer

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According to latest reports, Yahoo is going to unveil a YouTube rival this summer. It is believed that the Yahoo’s service is going to offer more generous revenue-sharing deals for creators. It is being said that reportedly Yahoo’s service is expected to offer a better ad revenue share than Google YouTube’s 45%. Yahoo had earlier wanted to unveil this new …


HP 7 Plus Out In US For $99

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Hewlett-Packard has now become quite a familiar name in the media tablet field. IT had entered this division back in 2011, at a time when almost every tablet was competing with the highly popular iPad. In 2013, the company had launched various affordable Android tablets ranging from $150 till $300. Now, it has launched HP 7 Plus tablet at $99, …