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Yahoo to bring a YouTube Rival this Summer

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According to latest reports, Yahoo is going to unveil a YouTube rival this summer. It is believed that the Yahoo’s service is going to offer more generous revenue-sharing deals for creators. It is being said that reportedly Yahoo’s service is expected to offer a better ad revenue share than Google YouTube’s 45%. Yahoo had earlier wanted to unveil this new …


The Secret Payment to YouTubers for Advertisements Does Not Breach the FTC Guidelines

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The YouTubers who are being paid in for positive coverage of games and the companies who pay them should not worry as it doesn’t breach the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines, according to reports. After news leaked last week concerning EA and Microsoft paying distinguished YouTube personalities for positive coverage of their games, queries of ethics were thrown about the matter. In an interview to a leading tabloid, Betsy Lordan, a representative of the FTC’s office of Public …


Copyright Debacle Still Bothering YouTube

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Major Indie developers have lunged in complaints at YouTube’s polemic new copyright detection policies after various false copyright claims on videos of their games. Mike Bithell, creator of puzzle platform game Thomas Was Alone, hit out at an outfit referred to as ‘Indmusic’ – that describes itself as YouTube’s “largest music network” – for allegedly “systematically” claiming rights to footage …


YouTube Copyright Issue Still Going On

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Many gamers who upload footage of video games to YouTube are still getting worrisome “content ID” matches that threaten to upend YouTube’s gaming content as we know it. However on day three of this disputation, some game publishers seem to be taking steps to assist these gamers out. This story is flowering speedily as alleged Content ID notices still fill …


Xbox One YouTube App Confirmed

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The YouTube app for Xbox One will be out there at launch, Microsoft has confirmed. The Xbox One app will, for sure, support full access to videos up to 1080p, with subscriptions and categories also out there. The Kinect-enabled app will enable you to manage your videos using voice by saying “YouTube” once the app is open, followed by commands …


YouTube Planned To Launch Subscription Based Music Service

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According to the reports, YouTube is planning to make akin to a Spotify along with video, later this year. Plans basically include the services primarily for mobile which will have free streaming service with a premium tier(offers unlimited access to a full catalog of tracks) that’ll be like Google Music’s All Access streaming service. The goal behind making this for …


YouTube Comments To Be Less Insulting From Now On

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We’ve all read those few, unbelievably insulting comments on popular YouTube videos. They make you cringe, they make you wonder about the future of humanity, and they’re about to disappear. Well, not disappear completely, but they’re going to be less in number since YouTube’s decided to do something about this issue. First, the featured comments. Instead of featuring odd comments …


Pakistan To Un-block YouTube After One Year Of Suspension

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A year after the suspension of YouTube, Pakistan government is all set to take back the suspension and unblock YouTube as early as September, which had been blocked due to a video that deemed to insult the prophet Muhammad. Although, complete access won’t be granted to YouTube by Pakistan as the reports from the Wall Street Journal reports claim that, …


Google Updates YouTube App

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Google found a way to hit the right track at the right time. With the soon release of Apple’s iOS 7, Google has released an updated version of the YouTube application. It’s compatible with iPhones and with Android mobiles. The app has been updated with new tools and changes in layout and styling. It has introduced a new component which …


Lag Compensation For Call Of Duty – Key Factors To Compete In Multiplayer

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One of the important factors while competing in the multiplayer game is the Lag compensation. It has been problematic to the series of Call of Duty and Treyarch’s worst compensation of Black Ops 2. There was certain worst compensation along with the ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’. These have been tacking on the features of new engine. The situation is putting …