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Yahoo to bring a YouTube Rival this Summer

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According to latest reports, Yahoo is going to unveil a YouTube rival this summer. It is believed that the Yahoo’s service is going to offer more generous revenue-sharing deals for creators. It is being said that reportedly Yahoo’s service is expected to offer a better ad revenue share than Google YouTube’s 45%. Yahoo had earlier wanted to unveil this new …


Fired COO De Castro Earned More Than Yahoo’s CEO Mayer

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According to reports, the fired COO of Yahoo Henrique de Castro, ultimately made more at Yahoo than his boss, CEO Marissa Mayer. Infact, he made more than almost everybody, as the Times, shows that he was the region’s eighth-highest paid executive in 2012. Comparing area’s many high pay executives, like Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman (at a $15.4 million pay package), …

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Yahoo With Samsung And Vizio Planned To Restructure TV Viewing

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A new plan by the Yahoo to restructure the way currently public watch the TV, which has already been signed by TV makers Samsung and Vizio as partners, may not include cable TV companies. The company CEO Marissa Mayer, unveiled “Yahoo Smart TV” during her keynote address at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Just like Netflix and …

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Millions Of Hit Recorded Due To Malware Attack To

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According to the reports of The Washington Post, many of the visitors may have encountered with malware and it was confirmed by two internet security firms. A company Fox-IT have written- “detected and investigated the infection of clients after they visited” Firm reported that the ads diplayed were malicious iframes, hosted on a number of domains. Ashkan Soltani, …

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It’s Yahoo’s Turn For The Transparency Report

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Yahoo must have been left out because now, it has joint the wagon of Apple, Microsoft and Facebook in publishing Transparency reports. It has issued its first ever Transparency report detailing the US Government’s data requests from the 1st of January to the 30th of June, 2013. By doing so, Yahoo has fought The National Security Agency’s (NSA) worries. It …


Web Portal Of Yahoo China Closed

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Operated by Chinese e-commerce and Internet services giant Alibaba Group, Yahoo China, has unfortunately closed its Web portal. A good-bye message is now displayed on the site that later redirects visitors to which is a news site that is run by Alibaba Group’s Taobao. In accordance with a 2012 agreement made between Alibaba Group and Yahoo consisting of Yahoo …


Yahoo’s Mail Service : Withdrawn From China : Alimail On Hype

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The Yahoo’s mail service was closed down after a four month’s warning. The users were requested to transfer their details in another site, Alibaba’s Alimail. The gradual closing of service was due to the country’s largest internet company Alibaba’s capturing of stake. Initially during January, China had its music service stopped due to some strategies in the products. And, recently, …


Bernardo Joins Yahoo As Flickr Exec

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Yahoo hired XGoogler Bernardo Hernández González, for leading photo-sharing unit Flickr. He earlier ran his own Zagat property at Google. He will join another Mayer loyalist, Dylan Casey, who came to Yahoo from Path several months ago and previously was a XGoogler. The news came after Brett Wayn resigned from his role at Flickr last week with reasons not disclosed. …


Tumblr Updates Its iOS App With A New Security Fix

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In reaction to a flaw identified within the service, Yahoo-owned service, Tumblr has introduced a security fix for its iOS app for the iPhone and iPad, which it calls ‘very important’. In a blog post by the Tumblr Staff, the company has asked its iOS users to change their password on the services using the original password. No announcements have been made …


Yahoo Need Fisa Objections To Be Revealed

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Company says court papers would show the public it fought strenuously against intelligence agencies accessing its data. Yahoo has said that it is legal to argue against the intelligence agencies who have access to its data that should be made public. Yahoo has called up Fisa, the secretive surveillance court in US, for publishing its argument against a case that …


Yahoo Buys Qwiki

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Looks like Yahoo is not coming out of their shopping boots easily . With the view to regain marketshare Company has bought another startup. After acquiring some biggies like Tumblr and Bignoggins Productions now has got Qwiki, iPhone App that lets user create movies out of their pictuers and music for around $40m – $50m (£26m-£33m). Yahoo said in a …


Yahoo Cleanups And Tweaks Itself This Q3

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Yahoo cuts down some of its services to concentrate in sharpening its focus and delivering experiences that enhance our daily lives. And not a strange news for those who’ve been paying closer attention at Yahoo’s “Mayer Era”. And these are the services that you’ve heard, will be cut down. Altavist Yahoo Axis Citizen Sports Foxytunes Yahoo RSS Alerts Yahoo Browser …