Kinect To Go Off From Xbox Devices

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According to latest reports, Microsoft is reportedly removing off Kinect and will now be selling Xbox One without the Kinect at a cheaper price. Kinect will now not be sold as one of Xbox Devices. The critics say that this is an immensely shameful thing for the studio as Kinect was a breakthrough thing and had Microsoft concentrated properly on …


Xbox one coming to China

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Finally, after a change in rules and regulations in China, Microsoft’s Xbox One will launch in September. This move comes in after Chinese government’s decision in January to lift its ban on the sale of foreign video game consoles. The ban had been in place for 14 years, and has now been dismissed. There is also a requirement for foreign companies to work with local organizations to produce consoles within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, for which Microsoft does not have to worry as it is in partnership with the Chinese media company BesTV and this problem gets sorted out there. Together, Microsoft and BesTV created E­Home Entertainment in September 2013, 49% of whose stake is with Microsoft and the rest 51% is with BesTV. China will become the 27th region where Xbox One has been launched.


Recently Released Update of CoD for Xbox One Reduces Performance

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A recently launched update for the Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts has reportedly introduced performance problems that weren’t previously there in the game. The update was designed to organize the game for the Onslaught DLC, as well as adding bug fixes, new options and balance tweaks to the game’s multiplayer modes. However, according to reports from a leading website …


Xbox Programming To Be Out Early Next Year

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Microsoft’s president of entertainment and digital media Nancy Tellem hopes of launching the first Xbox original programming in early 2014, according to recent reports. “We’re hoping we will be able to put something up in the first quarter, at minimum second quarter,” said the president. “We aren’t Netflix, we aren’t Amazon,” Tellem said after being asked questions on the slow …

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Xbox Also Getting Metal Gear Solid

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Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes will have exclusive content on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms, after Microsoft disclosed Snake to be no more than a wanton two-timer. Simply last week, Sony spilled that the licentious operative will feature in PlayStation-exclusive content, specifically a Solid Snake skin and retro-enhanced reminder mission,. Then during Spike TV’s Xbox One launch show, we …


Takedown To Get New Xbox Arcade Launch Date

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Developer Serellan’s Takedown: Red Sabre was scheduled to reach both Steam and the Xbox Live Arcade on Sept20, however the game has yet to pop for Xbox 360 owners. Creative Director Christian Allen posted a video update to the game’s Kickstarter page this month, explaining that the studio’s call to carry the game back was made to handle problems and …


Unity Gets Xbox One Support Later This Year

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Helgason said, to make the Windows store export free, the company also worked with Microsoft. The support of unity will allow developers to easily port their existing Unity games for Xbox 360 and other platforms to the new console. “Xbox 360 support was something we did on our own to support some of our customers, we came in really late …

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Xbox One Release Date May Be November 8

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According to an alleged internal retail document-“The release date of X-box one can be November 8“. Walmart had a contract to produce signage and product placements, as they were responsible for the leak works for a marketing company. The final confirmation from Microsoft is not done, as many of the midnight launches listed are marked as ‘confirmed’, the Xbox One …


Xbox Live Family Pack Is About To Convert By 27th August

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Microsoft conveyed the subscribers of Xbox Live Family Pack through mail, that the group accounts of Xbox Live will be transformed to unlinked and individual accounts. There will be additional fees and the subscribers won’t be availing the exclusive Family Pack features. The data and allowances will be removed during the account change and currency exchange time. Microsoft has added …


World Of Tanks Is Proof That “Free To Play” Games Are “The Future”

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World of Tanks is proof that “free to play” games on Xbox are “the future”, as stated by Victor Kislyi (Developer of World of Tanks). He said that Microsoft is a huge company, with a big number of partners – publishers and developers. So, it does takes some effort and also political persistence to get everyone to realize just how …