New Microsoft CEO under Pressure from Investors to Take off Xbox and Bing

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Microsoft’s new CEO (with an Indian accent) Satya Nadella is under immense pressure to turn Microsoft around. According to reports from The Washington Post, two influential Microsoft shareholders have been putting pressure on the boss to scuttle the Xbox, Surface, and Bing so as to specialize in what the corporate was built on, selling software to businesses. Windows profits last year were at $9.5 billion, down from $11.6 billion in 2012 and $12.3 billion in 2011, which is attributed to low client sales. Unsold Surface sales also contributed …


Facebook App For Windows 8.1 Available

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Today, Windows 8.1 update is making it’s debut with an official release of facebook app. App specifications are as per user’s expectation having status, photo, and check in tabs alongside the chat interface that’s pinned to the right-hand side. With a touch friendly environment, facebook added inbox, notification and friend request counter at the very top right. If user wants …


Employees Of The Scottish Government Will Be Given Windows 8 Tablets

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Scottish Government employees will be given tablet PCs running with Windows 8. Its probably a push from the side of Microsoft Surface tablets and according to the PCWorld reports they plan to hand out a series of the Windows 8 tablets to civil servants in order to improve overall efficiency. Employees will be given the Samsung Series 7 Slate, Samsung …


Nokia’s Upcoming Tablet Could Run On Windows Phone 8

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According to the reports, Microsoft is planning for the update to Windows Phone 8 that would enable support for seven and ten-inch tablets. Currently Windows Phone 8 devices are limited to four-inch screens. Microsoft has a full proof plan of unifying its platform, as an app is being created for Xbox One which will run on Windows 8 and Windows …


WinLaunch For Windows

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WinLaunch has brought in by the Windows to help them launch apps very fastly and for user friendly. One can position the WinLaunch app according to their comfort after installation process. Once the user gets adjusted with the new app, one can have a feel like they are using a version of Apple. The app does not populate all applications …


Android, iOS And Windows Devices Gets A New Cloud Provider – Mega

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Kim Dotcom has launched a cloud storage service called Mega that is capable of previewing image and automatically syncing camera shots. This entrance will not shock any Dropbox or Google Drive user as the features are not new to them. Mega says that both iOS and Windows apps are in the last stages of testing, which could give us more of an …


100,000 Apps For Windows 8 In 8 Months

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After a twitter tweet by “Windows App Builders” saying that they’ve crossed 100,000 apps in the Windows Store, the firm is approaching its metro dream. The firm has achieved this goal after 8 months of its launch. That’s pretty fast. This was well anticipated by its CEO, Steve Ballmer. This was the tweet: “Thanks for a great build! Just passed …

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The Flash Player By Google Chrome Can Be Hacked And Taken Over With The Right Code

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According to a recent report by security researchers, there’s a big problem in Google Chrome’s integrated Flash player. If a hacker acquires the right code and design required, he can access your webcam and take over it, and you won’t even know. These kinds of virtual hacks have been taking place for years. An invisible Flash element is present on …


Updated Feature Of DropBox – Proves To Be Useful For Its 100 Million Users

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The blog of Dropbox came up with a notice, thereby announcing the introduction of a useful feature. This feature is the ability to share links from your desktop too. Even though it’s small it is quite useful, it has contributed to the flexibility of the service of Dropbox. It is a renowned service of file hosting. Users will have the …


An All In One Combination Of A Laptop And Tablet – ‘Something New For The Users’

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Among the thousands, there is at least one executive in Microsoft who believes that designs made by Apple are capable of being cited as a yardstick. The chief marketing officer also moved on to discuss the topics related to detachable, convertibles and tablets. Prior to this the first marketing officer first revealed that the official name of Windows Blue will …

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First 6 Months Sale Of Windows 8 Is Similar With The Sale Of Windows 7

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Even though, Windows 8 have not been a favourite with the critics, it is still showing a steady sales trend in the market. According to the internal sales figure of Microsoft, after six months of its launch the same number of license were sold worldwide for both Windows 8 and Windows 7. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that Windows 8, which …