Employees Of The Scottish Government Will Be Given Windows 8 Tablets

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Scottish Government employees will be given tablet PCs running with Windows 8. Its probably a push from the side of Microsoft Surface tablets and according to the PCWorld reports they plan to hand out a series of the Windows 8 tablets to civil servants in order to improve overall efficiency. Employees will be given the Samsung Series 7 Slate, Samsung …

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Google Chrome OS Now In Windows 8 “Metro” Mode

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Google Chrome OS is now available in Windows 8 Metro mode. Here is the first step in which we can now experience the developers version of Google Chrome OS inside Windows 8. It basically allows the “Metro” interface for Chrome to turn into its own multi-windowed mini desktop and almost everything which a user could expect from browser-based OS. There …

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Bundle Of New Features From Facebook Update For Windows 8 Phone

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Windows 8 users can now experience new features and languages on Facebook version 5.1, there are almost 19 languages available. And now users can send photos over messages and can upload multiple photos directly to Facebook from your smartphone. Now, users can almost experience everything, including unfriend from the app, also unlike any likes they’ve given out and ‘@tagging’ system. …


A Preview Of Mozilla Firefox For Windows 8 Tablets Launched

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There is no more waiting as Mozilla has finally launched Firefox for Windows 8 tablets. As Mozilla announced today, the chrome-less tablet version of Firefox that runs in Windows 8′s Metro/Modern UI mode is now available in the Aurora release channel. Mozilla will further release its beta version and we can expect a stable release version in January 2014. The …

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Key Government Security Certification Earned By Windows Phone 8

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After extensive testing National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has given Windows Phone 8 its FIPS 140-2 security accreditation. It literally means government have allowed to use cryptographic algorithms by Windows Phone 8 to protect sensitive data inside its products or to determine the secure applications. This is really a good news for Windows phone which had a hard …

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Windows 8 Overtakes Windows Vista

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It’s happened at last; Windows 8 has become a more widely-used OS than Windows Vista, reaching the third spot in the list. On the other hand, Internet Explorer 10’s success rate, while high, is slowing down, while gap between Firefox and Chrome’s rates reduced greatly. The Worldwide desktop browser market share of Firefox is 18.2, while Chrome’s is 17.76. Chrome’s …


100,000 Apps For Windows 8 In 8 Months

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After a twitter tweet by “Windows App Builders” saying that they’ve crossed 100,000 apps in the Windows Store, the firm is approaching its metro dream. The firm has achieved this goal after 8 months of its launch. That’s pretty fast. This was well anticipated by its CEO, Steve Ballmer. This was the tweet: “Thanks for a great build! Just passed …

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First 6 Months Sale Of Windows 8 Is Similar With The Sale Of Windows 7

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Even though, Windows 8 have not been a favourite with the critics, it is still showing a steady sales trend in the market. According to the internal sales figure of Microsoft, after six months of its launch the same number of license were sold worldwide for both Windows 8 and Windows 7. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that Windows 8, which …