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Batman: Arkham Origins’ DLC More Important than the Bug Fixes for the Game’s Team

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The Batman: Arkham Origins support page is filled with annoyed players after community manager Mercury wrote that the Origins development team would be working on finishing story DLC rather than fixing the game’s numerous, game-breaking issues and bugs. “The team is currently operating hard on the upcoming story DLC and currently there are not any plans for releasing another patch to handle the problems that are reported on the forums,” he wrote on the page. Unfortunately, it isn’t the first bad news for the Bat franchise fans: Those who had purchased Arkham …


Nintendo Planning Upon New Business Structure

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With Nintendo having to slash its forecasts following weak Wii U sales, now comes a report stating about the contemplation of new business methods by the company. There won’t be any definitive changes within the company’s direction according to its President. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata admitted at a news conference today in Osaka, Japan that the corporate is “thinking of …

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Anonymous Reports On Wii U Sparks A Debate

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In various tweets collected by a leading website, Chris Arnold, the founder of Ping developer Nami Tentou, rebutted an anonymous report outlining varied hardware and development issues with the Wii U. “Most of the main complaints pointed at in the article from the developer are geared toward pre-retail release SDKissues,” he said. “I will safely say that the post release …

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Nintendo’s Wii U And iPads Are Among The Most Talked Gift This Christmas

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According to the predictions of online retailer, Nintendo’s Wii U will do a huge sell this winter. These Guesses came after the talks noticed at mommy blogger about the most talked gift on Twitter for this Christmas 2013. Rakuten’s sales support the findings with data from the online marketplace indicating an almost 75% uplift in sales of the …

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Nintendo Will Not Meet Selling Target For Wii U In 2013, Say Analysts

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Nintendo has no hope of meeting its nine million unit sales target for the Wii U in 2013, in keeping with predictions from many analysts. Speaking to Bloomberg, two analysts have told that the corporate won’t sell the 9 million Wii U units that president Satura Iwata had promised in October. “They steadfastly refuse to consider that the product is …


Wii U Gets Updated

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Wii U has got a small firmware revision from Nintendo and it is expecting a significant update during northern autumn. It was reported from Vooks that the new update of Wii U will enable it to connect to the Nintendo Network periodically while in standby mode, downloading SpotPass data and system data. This also will help Wii U to be …

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DLC On Wii Gets Much Needed Updates

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Finally now there is an update on Injustice: Gods Among for Wii U version which adds most of the DLC features that were earlier missing. Characters Lobo, Batgirl, Scorpion and General Zod are available for $4.99 on the store. But lobbies for Nintendo Network Friends are still missing. Deathstroke DLC on Batman: Arkham Origins could soon join  the league on …


The Profit Goal For The Company Has Restricted The President Of Nintendo – Stopped Him From Resigning From His Post

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The 3Ds has started doing well only recently, after being released a while back. But the Wii U has still been lagging behind. This is on the First party’s shoulders for its fall lineup. This has led to a serious frustration of the shareholders and fans alike. They have been struggling hard to bring about a change in the management …


Current-gen Release Of NBA 2K14 Excluding The Version Of Wii U

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The current news confirmed by 2K sports has revealed the upcoming recent launch of NBA 2K14 on October 1, 2013. This will be released successfully on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox one. This probable releasing date has been officially announced by Take-Two Interactive, home of the Bioshock and Borderlands series. In the most recent earnings report of …


No Wii U Release For Skullgirls

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A Lab Zero Games spokesperson, who was asked on Twitter whether Skullgirls would be released for Wii U anytime soon, confirmed that it’s not going to happen yet. “Right now a Wii-U release isn’t looking likely. If sales pick up and they establish a digital presence it’s possible, though,” was posted through Lab Zero Games’ official Twitter account. The 2D …

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Nintendo Trying To Get Smartphone Game Developers For The Wii U

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According to reports, Nintendo is trying to get smartphone game developers onto it’s side for the Wii U, because apparently the company is planning to modify it’s console software to enable smartphone application compatibility. Nintendo is also trying to distribute conversion software, that will give developers the opportunity to port smartphone applications to the Wii U conveniently. While the company …


“Wii U Games Were Delayed Because Projects Were Understaffed”- Nintendo

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Nintendo has it’s own explanations for delaying the release of Wii U games, saying that the company had intended to release a few titles in the first few months of this year, but they had miscalculated the development resources that would actually be needed to finish them at the expected time. According to the President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, the …