Wii U

Wii U Gets Updated

Wii U has got a small firmware revision from Nintendo and it is expecting a significant update during northern autumn. It was reported from Vooks that the new update of Wii U will enable it to connect to the Nintendo Network periodically while in standby mode, downloading SpotPass data and system … Continue reading

The Profit Goal For The Company Has Restricted The President Of Nintendo – Stopped Him From Resigning From His Post

The 3Ds has started doing well only recently, after being released a while back. But the Wii U has still been lagging behind. This is on the First party’s shoulders for its fall lineup. This has led to a serious frustration of the shareholders and fans alike. They have been struggling hard to brin … Continue reading

Wii U Criticized By EA’s Bob Summerwill

Recently, EA's senior engineer Bob Summerwill tweeted out his opinions about the Nintendo Wii U. He mentioned that EA has no plans to develop any Nintendo Wii U games. Here is what he tweeted: Tweet 1: “The WiiU is crap. Less powerful than an XBOX360. Poor online/store. Weird tablet. Nint … Continue reading

No Wii U Release For Skullgirls

A Lab Zero Games spokesperson, who was asked on Twitter whether Skullgirls would be released for Wii U anytime soon, confirmed that it's not going to happen yet. "Right now a Wii-U release isn't looking likely. If sales pick up and they establish a digital presence it's possible, though," was pos … Continue reading