SONY Thanks 1000 Self-Publishers

Sony has not forgotten the hardwork of the developers and would like to thank them for the contribution they've made. The corporate thanked these independent developers and wanted to clarify that they still love their developers. Around 1,000 developers who are all licensed to self-publish on PlaySt … Continue reading

100 PS4 Games Expected in 2014

PlayStation 4 is almost sold-out out globally, Sony has confirmed, with new supplies coming in shortly – and quite necessarily, since the platform is expecting about a hundred new game releases this year. The news comes out straight from the PlayStation media summit held today, wi … Continue reading

SONY to Sell-Off Entire PC Business

Sony has announced that they are selling off their entire PC division. Well, yes the news is absolutely true and is very surprising. Sony’s Vaio PC business will be sold off to Japan Industrial Partners, wherein 250 to 300 workers involved with the PC business are also making … Continue reading