Preview Of Skype For Outlook Launched

Microsoft has come up with a preview of Skype for Outlook for the users of UK, and the service will extend to users of Germany and the US within the coming weeks. No hard dates have been furnished yet for the roll out of service to the other parts of the world. The preview enables video as well a … Continue reading

Skype Under Threat

The recent victim of malware threats now is Skype. Video chatting with your distant relative might harm your tablet or P.C. for the next couple of days. This latest malware that has been circulating across Skype is found to have influenced the users and convinced them to click on the link of threat. … Continue reading

Skype Usage: 2 Billion Minutes In A Day

We all clearly love Skype a little too much. Not just that, it's now become a need for many people. Skype announced that about the usage of Skype per day is around 2 billion minutes. Shocking, isn't it? In a blog post, Elisa Steele, chief marketing officer at Skype said: "Thank you for maki … Continue reading