Microsoft To Enter Into Social Media

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Microsoft will now forge into social media, after Steve Ballmer announced his retirement. His successor will need to be bolder. Microsoft has largely missed out on social platform which is one of the tech trend in these days, under CEO Steve Ballmer, who will be retiring now. Rather than it being about the efforts taken, it is seen that the …


Microsoft Clarifies On Skype Spying, Explains The Type Of Data They Give To The US Govt

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According to documents Snowden showed The Guardian, Microsoft was alleged to have passed over all data of their users from Skype, Outlook and SkyDrive to the National Security Agency’s PRISM program for several years now. Microsoft’s general counsel, Brad Smith, on July, 17th, challenged those accusations of Skype Spying and explained the types of data they share with the US …


Microsoft Declines Allegations Against Skype Spying

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In response to the Guardian report, published on July,11, which claimed that Skype has been passing user data into the NSA’s alleged PRISM surveillance program since 2011, Microsoft gave out a statement clearly denying Skype spying. It said that it does not provide any government with any access to SkyDrive, Skype or any other Microsoft product. Microsoft stated that while responding …


China Mobile Suspends Registrations For Jego, Less Than A Month After Its Launch

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The account registration has been suspended for Jego services by China mobile, in less than a month after it was launched as a competitor to Skype. A global focused China mobile subsidiary, China Mobile International declared that it suspended the new account registration for Jego during the weekend and also disabled Jego-to-Jego video and voice calls for customers who registered …


WhatsApp And Skype Are To Follow Viber In Terms Of Blockage Regarding Non-Compliance Of Rules

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Saudi Arabia has some strange plans regarding an internet based tool. It is about WhatsApp which is a communication tool and now supposed to be blocked. This has been planned by Saudi Arabia, if a US firm will not be able to comply with a certain set of requirements. These requirements have set by the telecom regular of kingdom, that …


Skype Was To Be A WiFi Sharing Network, According To Skype Co-Founder

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Everyone knows what Skype is, and for some people, it’s an important and convenient part of their lives. But, if the Skype team had gone along with their original plans, instead of being a video call and messenger app, it would be a WiFi sharing service. “The initial idea was to develop a WiFi-sharing network, and then provide various ‘telecom-like’ …


Skype Messages Are No More Confidential For Users – Said By Ars Technica In It’s Report

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The convention of most of the users went wrong when Ars Technica came up with news revealing the security issues in Skype. Readers have been holding a conviction that messages sent across Skype are all confidential. However reports by Ars Technica proved them to be wrong. It has turned down the myths that messages that are delivered to the receiver …


BlackBerry World Hits 120,000 Apps With The Launch Of Skype

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BlackBerry World, the app store for BlackBerry smartphones is now home to over 120,000 apps. The news, which was revealed by BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, came after when it was revealed that Skype will be launching its cross platform messaging service on BlackBerry Z10 alongside the BlackBerry 10.1 firmware update, which will be made available to all users today. Heins …


Plans Revealed: Logo Of Skype, Bing, Yammer And Xbox Are To Be Replaced

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In the last year, the first time in 20 years, Windows created a common language in the design of its product line that extended to changing the logos for Windows and Office division, which was indeed a risky project for a company with over a billion users across the world. After successful implementation of the first phase, Microsoft now seems …


Skype Under Threat

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The recent victim of malware threats now is Skype. Video chatting with your distant relative might harm your tablet or P.C. for the next couple of days. This latest malware that has been circulating across Skype is found to have influenced the users and convinced them to click on the link of threat. Unlike any other threat of this category …