Top Sellers: Apple, Samsung Smartphone Top Sellers In US

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The feature phone thing is not entirely dead in the United States but its likely getting there, according to market analyst and researcher Counterpoint. The analysis firm revealed its Market Monitor quarterly tracker report Thursday, giving up the news that smartphones accounted for more than 87 % of all phone shipments within the U.S. by the end of the first …


Google To Stand Against Apple In Latest Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit

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The Wall Street Journal Stated that, Google engineers, including former Android Chief Andy Rubin, may testify during the second patent trial between Apple and Samsung. Samsung will reportedly use the testimonials to prove that it has the right for four out of the five software features it is accused off in the latest Apple vs Samsung lawsuit, as it contends …

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Yahoo With Samsung And Vizio Planned To Restructure TV Viewing

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A new plan by the Yahoo to restructure the way currently public watch the TV, which has already been signed by TV makers Samsung and Vizio as partners, may not include cable TV companies. The company CEO Marissa Mayer, unveiled “Yahoo Smart TV” during her keynote address at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Just like Netflix and …


Samsung’s Much-Awaited GamePad And Mobile Console Out Now

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Samsung has finally launched the much awaited and long-rumoured GamePad and Mobile Console app for its famous Galaxy range of Android smartphones. According to reports, the GamePad connects through Bluetooth. It has two analog sticks, a D-pad, four face buttons, two triggers and three function buttons. The device is best suited for Android 4.3 and above, but will work with …


Samsung To Fix The Issues And Resumes Android Jelly Bean Update For Galaxy S3

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Soon all the issues which were noticed earlier in Samsung Galaxy S3 users is expected to fix and seems to be normal. “We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused,” the company said. It is been noticed that the Solution to issues with Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4.3 upgrade, is rolling-out among the users of UK. Every other phone …


Rockstar Suing Google, Samsung And Others

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It’s a popular news nowadays, that the company owned by Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericsson and Sony: Rockstar, the consortium that bought Nortel’s portfolio of patents for $4.5 billion is suing Google, Samsung Electronics, HTC, Huawei and others for patent infringement, reports Reuters’ Dan Levine. Google tried its level best in capturing Rockstar by offering firstly $900 million then raising the …


Samsung Planned To Offer Samsung Galaxy S5 In January

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Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in in April of this year, and rumors came that Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming in January. It will be around 9-months gap since the last iteration of Samsung’s flagship smartphone. According to the Korean news site Naver, Samsung Galaxy S5 will simply tease in mid-January or so, with the phone’s official launch set for …

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Samsung’s First Curved-Screen Smartphone

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Samsung is working hard on the technology known as curved displays for phone. We haven’t seen any evidence of an actual phone using the technology – until now. None other than, @evleaks has posted a photo to Twitter of a new Samsung device that with a curved-glass display. Its front-facing plastic design is somewhat similar to Galaxy S4 and Note …


Samsung Market Struggles In China

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Yonhap news reported that Samsung is struggling in its Chinese market despite of showing record-breaking unit sales of Samsung smart phones in China. Analytics marked Samsung’s Q2 2013 sales number at 15.3 million, whereas Canalys marked them at 15.5 million. Although reports claim these optimistic figures, Samsung’s sale has not translated into robust amount of revenue. In the first half …


Samsung Overtakes Apple For Mobile Profits

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Analysts have estimated that Samsung’s second-quarter operating mobile profits have overtaken that of Apple’s. These reports haven’t been confirmed as yet; however, Samsung did indicate that the company hit $5.6 billion in mobile profits in Q2. Hence, the slight disparity in figures might come from non-mobile sales. According to Strategy Analytics’ Neil Shaw, a senior analyst, “Samsung combined high sales volumes and …