Texas Studio Terminal Reality Shuts Down

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Terminal Reality, the Texas studio best known for famous titles has apparently shut down. Their illustrious list included Nocturne, BloodRayne, and Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Jesse Sosa, a former worker and 10-year veteran of the studio took to Facebook and wrote on Facebook that the studio “seems to have finally shut down.” The studio, based close to Dallas, Texas, last …

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Heavy Rush Fills In Canada Stores After Wild Offer On Games

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In Canada this weekend, take any Xbox 360 or PS3 game—good, bad or ugly; GOTY or shovelware—trade it in, and obtain a free copy of Assassin’s Creed IV: black flag, call of Duty: Ghosts or battlefield 4. The offer was created by Canada’s Best Buy—repeat, not within the United States—which includes the Futureshop brand. Futureshop is the country’s largest shopper …


World Of Tanks Is Proof That “Free To Play” Games Are “The Future”

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World of Tanks is proof that “free to play” games on Xbox are “the future”, as stated by Victor Kislyi (Developer of World of Tanks). He said that Microsoft is a huge company, with a big number of partners – publishers and developers. So, it does takes some effort and also political persistence to get everyone to realize just how …


GTA V Screens Compared To Screens From GTA San Andreas

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Quite a few people have whined and sulked about the not-so-impressive details in the GTA V gameplay trailer, but as soon as a few GTA V screens were compared to similar screens from GTA San Andreas, people actually (and finally) noticed the massive graphical improvements in GTA V. That’s what one particular Reddit user did- the user compared different scenes …

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DC Universe Online Team Excited Over The PS3 To PS4 Switch For Their Game

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DC Universe Online’s team is very excited over their game’s transition from PS3 to PS4, as stated by Larry Liberty (Executive Producer) in a recent discussion with Shack. Liberty declared that the team is going to celebrate once the transition is complete, because after that, “they can give the players more of everything.” “People want everything you can imagine in …