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PlayStation 4 Sales Crosses 5 Million Mark

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PlayStation 4 sales have crossed over the 5 million mark way before Sony’s forecasts, according to the company’s latest estimates. Sony announced that they have more than 5.3 million PlayStation 4 sales as of February 8, which means it has sold-out around a million units since the start of the new year. The figure is specified as “sell-through,” representing sales to consumers instead of shipments to retailers. The console hit 4.2 million sales on December 28 last year, therefore it looked quite possible to eclipse Sony’s aim of 5 million units sold-out by the end of March 2014. In …

100 PS4 Games Expected in 2014

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PlayStation 4 is almost sold-out out globally, Sony has confirmed, with new supplies coming in shortly – and quite necessarily, since the platform is expecting about a hundred new game releases this year. The news comes out straight from the PlayStation media summit held today, with the official PlayStation Twitter also confirming the report and the figure. According to slides shown throughout the presentation, early shipments are majorly accounted for sales-wise. “PS4’s have been typically sold-out out at all retailers though regular supply is refreshing the channel,” …


DFC Intelligence Predicts PS4 To Be The Number One Console

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Analysts at the DFC Intelligence have recently predicted that the PlayStation 4 will dominate console sales in the market for this generation. DFC Intelligence is an expert video game and Entertainment Industry research firm. In a report, the firm has predicted that not only will the PS4 outsell the Xbox One over the course of the new generation, but it …


Xbox One Sales Prevailed Over PlayStation 4 On Black Friday

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Microsoft dominated console sales throughout last week’s Black Friday sale in the US. According to information analysts InfoScout the Xbox One was the highest selling console throughout the period, comprising thirty one percent of total hardware sales. While it’s other console, the Xbox 360 held 30 percent share leading to a joint Microsoft lead of sixty percent. Joint sales of …

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PlayStation 4 And PS Vita Bundle To Be Released Around Christmas

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It’s been confirmed- The ‘Ultimate Bundle’ i.e. the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita bundle will be released sometime around Christmas. According to reports by MCV, PS Vita will also have a £2.5 million marketing campaign. The latest advertisement has the title, ‘The Best Way to Play’ which is most probably referring to the connectivity feature between the PlayStation 4 and …


PS4 To Be Launched In 32 Different Countries

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Sony has officially declared that PlayStation 4 (PS4) will be launched at the end of the year, in 32 different countries. The countries, in which PlayStation 4 would be launched include: Canada, United States, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Mexico, Denmark, Finland, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, …

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Xbox One To Allow Games To Be Playable While Downloading

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In line to the many little improvements that the next generation of consoles will offer to improve the gamers’ experience, Microsoft, as reported by Polygon, has confirmed that all gaming consoles purchased on Xbox Live will support playing the game, while it is downloading in the background on Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 has the same  feature for downloadable titles on the …


Every Playstation 4 To Rope The Playroom In

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Sony, in a recently given statement, has announced that every Playstation 4 will now come incorporated with the Playroom. The Playroom is an augmented-reality game that combines the DualShock 4 controller with the PlayStation 4 Camera to create a virtual/augmented reality experience for consumers. It’s compatible with smartphones, tablets, and the PS Vita. This neat tech demo also includes multiplayer augmented reality games. The …


Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Will Be Played For The First Time In Public – At The GameStop Expo 2013

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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can be played by gamers at GameStop Expo 2013. This has been officially confirmed by GameStop, that this will happen at an event that will be held in Las Vegas on the 28th of August, 2013. You will be getting all the information about what is featured in the event online. In addition to it …

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“We see big companies being more conservative”- President Of Sony Worldwide Studios

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The President of Sony Worldwide Studios, and the leader of PlayStation 4 games, discussed the console and independent developers recently. Shuhei Yoshida stated that this time, the company decided to give more importance to individual and independent developers, because all the other companies are being conservative. “We see big companies being more conservative, not providing fresh and exciting enough content …


“Quite Simply, We Don’t Want To Over Promise And Under Deliver.”- Sony Uk Managing Director

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Just recently, Fergal Gara (Managing Director, Sony UK), discussed the PlayStation 4 in detail with GamesIndustry International. When it came to the consoles’s pricing, the MD said that the matter had to be considered for almost seven years, and the company actually put a lot of effort into finalizing it. The price wasn’t just decided without much thought. “Quite simply …


Excessive Restrictions Imposed On The Xbox One By Microsoft Have Annoyed Users Greatly

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The Microsoft corporation in Los Angeles has made gamers angry. Other than the gamers, it is also the case with Sony Corporation that has bundled up its nerves. The reason for creating this messy situation is exploitation of the gaming community. This happened last week and it was related to how the game discs will be resold. All this is …

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PlayStation Plus Membership Needed For Online Play On PS4

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For online and multi-player gaming on the PlayStation 4, users will need a PlayStation Plus membership, as confirmed by Sony at the E3. As soon as the console is launched, all PlayStation Plus members will get free access to Drive Club. But Sony has assured everyone that users can play single-player games and use all other media services without a …

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NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Console Footage

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A short footage of NBA 2K14 and LeBron James was shown running on PlayStation 4. And according to 2K Sports the trailer is pre-alpha footage, not pre-rendered footage. NBA 2K14 is going to release on October 8 for the current-generation consoles (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), and as for the next-generation consoles, their versions will be released along with the …