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Minecraft PC coming soon

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Minecraft developer Mojang has revealed a video regarding the forthcoming update for the PC version of the game. The update offers more options for world customization in the game. The video also shows the game’s 16 new terrain­modifying sliders, which allow players to manually set the foundation of their Minecraft worlds. The update is also going to include some other customization functions, like the ability to decide which structures are generated by the game, for example structures like caves, villages, temples and strongholds. There is also going to be an option for the players to set the number of dungeons and the height of their world’s sea level in the game. A lot has been shown in the video about the update, but the launch date is yet to be revealed.


Watch Dogs Specifications Revealed For PC

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Watch Dogs is a cross-info title, which suggests you won’t need a heavyweight system to run it – at least at minimum settings. The minimum requirements of the upcoming game have been revealed, courtesy of creative director Jonathan Morin on Twitter. He mentioned the specs as: Processor: IntelCore 2 Quad Q8400 2.66Ghz or AMDPhenom II X4 940 3.0Ghz Memory: 6GB …

Minecraft Mash-Up Pack

14.3 Million Copies Of Minecraft PC Sold

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Markus Persson, founder of Mojang has declared that the PC version of Minecraft has got in upto 100 million registered users. That is the number of individuals who have created free Minecraft accounts – a needed step in downloading the Minecraft demo from the official Mojang web site. He has also declared that the game has achieved a “14.3% conversion rate to paid accounts”, which means around 14.3 million of these registered users went on to buy the full game. The game had sold-out 13 million copies at the end of December 2013, …

Fractured Soul

Fractured Souls Out On PC Today

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Fractured Souls hasn’t yet made it past the gatekeepers at Steam Greenlight, but still the 3DS platform game is coming out on PC anyway. Developer Endgame Studios is going to release a DRM-free version on Desura, GOG and through a Humble Bundle checkout for $10, starting off immediately when Feb 25 hits the calendar in the US. “We’re stuck in Greenlight limbo,” the game’s team told in an update on Steam. They also gave in some further explanation, stating, “With …


Blackguards Out On PC and Mac Before Scheduled Date

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Despite the game’s original Jan 24 release date, Daedalic Entertainment has opted to release turn-based roleplaying epic Blackguards a bit early. Described as “a turn-based RPG with strategic combat,” Blackguards at first seems like a typical high-fantasy roleplaying game, with one huge twist: instead of teaming with noble warriors of virtue on a holy quest to murder the minions of evil, you play as a condemned murder who joins forces with different criminals. Visit Steam or GOG and you may realize Blackguards is available for purchase in both PC and Mac iterations. Steam is currently providing two versions of Blackguards …


Reaper Of Souls Officially Goes Live For PC

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The closed beta for the first Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, has formally gone live for PC player’s of Blizzard click n’ slash role-playing entertainment. If you have opted for the beta, and are wanting to try the game’s new Crusader category, ensure to examine your email in-boxes for the official invite. For those still fascinated by joining, step-by-step …


Texas Studio Terminal Reality Shuts Down

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Terminal Reality, the Texas studio best known for famous titles has apparently shut down. Their illustrious list included Nocturne, BloodRayne, and Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Jesse Sosa, a former worker and 10-year veteran of the studio took to Facebook and wrote on Facebook that the studio “seems to have finally shut down.” The studio, based close to Dallas, Texas, last …


Arma 3 For PC

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The developer behind the Arma franchise, Bohemia Interactive was interviewed by Pixelenemy. One of the interview question was about the Arma 3 coming to next-generation platform such as the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. The answer to the query was confidently said by Bohemia Interactive outright that the game won’t be coming to any consoles, and Arma 3 was …

assassin's creed

The Assassin’s Creed PC Version Is Delayed Again, For A Few Weeks But – Expects A Generational Split

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The Assassin’s Creed PC version is an option for the gamers who find the annual release of the Assassin’s Creed to be tiring. The PC version will be sparing special thought for the fans of this series. The series having been releasing every year on regular basis but the PC version kept of delaying by weeks. These haven’t changed this …


Bill Gates Predicts: Frustrated iPad And Android Users Will Switch To PC Tablets

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Bill Gates, the chairman and co-founder of Microsoft bears the opinion that a lot of the iPad users are frustrated over the functionality of their tablets. Even the scenario is the same with the Android tablet users. They cannot type, cannot create a document and cannot use the Microsoft Office tools in those platforms which are sure to make them …