Fractured Souls Out On PC Today

Fractured Souls hasn’t yet made it past the gatekeepers at Steam Greenlight, but still the 3DS platform game is coming out on PC anyway. Developer Endgame Studios is going to release a DRM-free version on Desura, GOG and through a Humble Bundle checkout for $10, starting off immediat … Continue reading

Xbox One Controller On PC Soon

Microsoft plans to make Xbox One controller PC compatible at some point in 2014. As the company feels people want to use the Xbox One controller on their PC too. The Xbox One controller may look similar to the Xbox 360 controller but, shares nothing in common with it. With the new wireless protocol, … Continue reading

Arma 3 For PC

The developer behind the Arma franchise, Bohemia Interactive was interviewed by Pixelenemy. One of the interview question was about the Arma 3 coming to next-generation platform such as the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. The answer to the query was confidently said by Bohemia Interactive outright th … Continue reading

Now, Dragon Quest For PC

Dragon Quest is now available for pc. Square Enix has announced the release of Dragon Quest in Japan on 26 September. The Wii U version of Dragon Quest X has already made a huge impact on the Japanese market shifting 33k copies its first week and boosting hardware sales. A Japanese beta for the … Continue reading

Fall In PC Shipments From 21.8m To 20.2%

A fall of PC shipments has been noticed from 21.8m in Middle East, Europe & Africa. A fall down to 20.2% from last year's same quarter. IDC's statement: Tablets and phones continued to capture customer attention and spending, while in the corporate space decelerating renewals and the lack … Continue reading