Adidas, Nintendo join Hands to make Pikachu WC Jerseys

Pikachu! Thunderbolt! Pikachu! Iron Tail! Oh, I’m sorry! I just got into a Pokémon battle with Pikachu as my pick. It is because Pokémon is the mascot of the Japan’s Football Team at the Brazil World Cup. Adidas has manufactured football jerseys of the same colour as that of Japan’s team for fans sporting a Pikachu logo on them. The …

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Pokemon Art Academy

Get ready to be enrolled at the Pokémon Art Academy, wherein you will be taught to draw and your artistic skills can be checked. Apart from drawing the Pokémon characters, the game also offers up a decent variety of different monsters pertaining to something related to RPG content. This title seems to be completely different from the regular Pokémon games. The title arrives in Japan on June 19 for 3,619 yen (~$35), while the western release has yet not been confirmed.


Nintendo To Permanently Close Down it’s Wi-Fi Connection Services

Nintendo has declared that it is going to terminate its Nintendo Wi-Fi connection services worldwide within a few months. This means certain online services across the Nintendo DS, DSi and Wii consoles will now not be there after May 20, including online play, leader boards and match making. The closure, set to take place on May 20 will have an effect on all regions. While Wii U and 3DS software won’t be affected due to their use of the Nintendo Network, Wii games accessed via Wii Mode on the …


Nintendo Updates Club Nintendo Digital Rewards for February

Nintendo has updated their Club Nintendo digital rewards for the month of February, and on the 3DS side, you will be getting Donkey Kong Jr. (150 Coins) and Pictobits (150 Coins). In the Wii and Wii U arena, there is Punch Out!! (200 Coins), and Super Mario RPG (200 Coins). I need to fret this — though Super Mario RPG is listed as “Wii U,” it doesn’t really run on the native Wii U interface. It will solely be employed …


Earthbound Story Should Not Get Published, Says Nintendo

Earthbound is one of Nintendo’s most beloved game and also the most loved cult classic. Referred to as Mother 2 in Japan, the franchise’s loan release in North America continues to be extremely regarded for its distinctive setting and characters, and, above all, one of the genre’s most revered localisations. For Marcus Lindblom, the game’s localizer, it’s become another successful game in his long career in the trade. Fuelled by last year’s virtual console release on Wii U, the game has seen a revival …


Nintendo Is Now To Involve In Smart Devices

After the news came that Nintendo in on the third consecutive annual loss, the company is has now decided to restructure the business. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, stated in the press conference that the company is now considering to involve smart devices, according to the reports of Bloomberg. The company scaled back its expectations for its 3DS portable game console …


Nintendo Planning Upon New Business Structure

With Nintendo having to slash its forecasts following weak Wii U sales, now comes a report stating about the contemplation of new business methods by the company. There won’t be any definitive changes within the company’s direction according to its President. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata admitted at a news conference today in Osaka, Japan that the corporate is “thinking of …


Nintendo Staff Is Quite Unfamiliar With The Console Market, Feels An Anonymous Developer

An anonymous developer discussed about the genesis of the Wii U and described its developers Nintendo as an unfamiliar corp. with console networks. This anonymous source initially described the process of working with Nintendo to develop a third-party title before revealing about Wii U’s hardware. There are strong criticisms shown by the developer regarding the Wii U’s architecture and most …

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Anonymous Reports On Wii U Sparks A Debate

In various tweets collected by a leading website, Chris Arnold, the founder of Ping developer Nami Tentou, rebutted an anonymous report outlining varied hardware and development issues with the Wii U. “Most of the main complaints pointed at in the article from the developer are geared toward pre-retail release SDKissues,” he said. “I will safely say that the post release …


Hackers Can Easily Crack 3DS Region Lock

A new trick permits 3DS owners to negate the region lock Nintendo has put in the hand-held – assuming they haven’t updated their 3DS’ software system in months.

The crux of this hack depends on recent 3DS code, specifically firmware revisions 4.1 to 4.5. Those code numbers are a minimum of nine months out of date, however if your 3DS will have the older software system, breaking its region lock is as simple as putting in a special, patched launcher on a flash cartridge compatible along with your3DS’ firmware revision. Once you open the launcher, the 3DS will …


Nintendo Offers Solutions For Recent 3DS Issues

Thousands of individuals have recently picked up a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS, and as a result, there are plenty of problems with each facet of the eShop. One issue specifically involves the constant error codes that have troubled people who have tried to redeem codes. Thankfully, Nintendo has offered a possible answer. If you encounter the errors- Error Message: This …


Nintendo Issues Apology Over Network Outage

Nintendo issued an official apology day before yesterday for the recent series of network outages. The corporate explains that the instability was caused by a “one-time surge in demand” over the vacations. The online services initially buckled on Xmas, mostly attributable to an “influx of latest Nintendo Network accounts,” existing ones being coupled with Nintendo 3DS systems, and a record …