Sony To Do A Microsoft In China For PlayStation’s Entry

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Sony has announced that it is going to bring its PlayStation business to China through a new network that is with two newly formed companies: Sony Computer Entertainment Shanghai and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Sony Computer Entertainment Culture Development. Sony has collaborated with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development (OPCD) in order to bring the PS console into China. Sony is following …


Kinect To Go Off From Xbox Devices

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According to latest reports, Microsoft is reportedly removing off Kinect and will now be selling Xbox One without the Kinect at a cheaper price. Kinect will now not be sold as one of Xbox Devices. The critics say that this is an immensely shameful thing for the studio as Kinect was a breakthrough thing and had Microsoft concentrated properly on …


Microsoft Opens Hiring For It’s New AAA Title

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Microsoft Studios is reportedly working on a new title in AAA strategy franchise at its Redmond, Washington studio. Microsoft is currently looking out for a game developer with a huge amount of experience for the development of this title. On 28 April, 2014 Microsoft Studios posted this: “Microsoft Studios is currently looking for a very experienced senior games developer who …

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Xbox One arrives!

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The date for Xbox One arrival in Japan has been finalized. The console will make its entry in the Asian country on September 4, Microsoft announced yesterday. The price at which the console will be sold is yet to be disclosed by the company. About the game titles, there are around 40 confirmed Xbox One games for the country, which includes big names like Titanfall and Final Fantasy 15 as well. The Xbox One had launched in November 2013 in around 13 regions and has sold over 5 million units till date.


Microsoft’s WIMBoot Technique Can Help Gain A Great Amount Of Storage back

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A new WIMBoot technique by Microsoft is a new technological technique that arrived as a part of the massive Windows 8.1 update this past Wednesday, and it ought to liberate a bit more room on Windows 8 certified devices than your typical OS installation would otherwise take up. Since the WIMBoot technology can impact performance to an unrevealed degree. And, …


Microsoft Briefs Up About The Upcoming Updates For Xbox One

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Microsoft offered a few more details on upcoming updates for Xbox One in the form of three new options that testers can preview. First, firmware updates for the Xbox One controller and headset adapter will improve wireless connectivity and are expected to scale back static detection over the receiver. Microsoft also plans to update the Blu-ray player app and add …


Apple And Microsoft More Cash Than Various Countries

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Going by Quinlan’s research carried out to compare global cash reserves of various US companies and various nations of the world, the outome suggests that companies like Apple and Microsoft have more cash than various countries of the world. “Without a world of uncertainty, one thing is sure: Most U.S. corporations have plenty of capital at their disposal,” said US …


Microsoft Corrects Its Viewpoint On Privacy

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Microsoft were bought under severe criticism after it was found that in 2012 the company had peeked inside the Hotmail account of an employee suspected of leaking Windows 8 trade secrets. Within 24 hours of the revelations, the company thought it would be expected it to “provide additional context and describe how we are strengthening our policies.” But the “strengthened” …

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25 New Titles Disclosed For Xbox One

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Microsoft has declared in 25 indie games for Xbox One via ID@Xbox at the GDC on Tuesday. The self-publishing program will see titles like Super Time Force from Capybara Games, made in by Compulsion Games and Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition. The complete list of titles is available on Xbox One’s official website. ID@Xbox was Microsoft’s answer to the queries …


Former Nokia CEO To Move To Microsoft’s Devices And Studio Business

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Microsoft is going to appoint former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop as its new head of Devices and Studios, replacing current head Julie Larson-Green, who is moving on to a different unit in the company. Elop will take charge of the division that oversees Xbox and Surface tablets, while Larson-Green will go into the ‘My Life & Work’ team – otherwise referred to as Applications and Services -which oversees products including Bing and Skype, according to the report. The modification isn’t effective immediately, as Larson-Green will stay in …


Microsoft To Bring In Good Deals On Its Digital Marketplace

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From tomorrow till February 24, Ryse: Son of Rome game will be available at $39.99. This sale may be the start of a trend in the Microsoft’s digital place, going by a number of tweets from Xbox studio manager Mike Ybarra. “Lot of individuals asked for better deals on our digital marketplace, so we’re testing some,” Ybarra told, also mentioning that the $39.99 price is less than a used physical copy at GameStop. A person asked Ybarra …


New Microsoft CEO under Pressure from Investors to Take off Xbox and Bing

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Microsoft’s new CEO (with an Indian accent) Satya Nadella is under immense pressure to turn Microsoft around. According to reports from The Washington Post, two influential Microsoft shareholders have been putting pressure on the boss to scuttle the Xbox, Surface, and Bing so as to specialize in what the corporate was built on, selling software to businesses. Windows profits last year were at $9.5 billion, down from $11.6 billion in 2012 and $12.3 billion in 2011, which is attributed to low client sales. Unsold Surface sales also contributed …