An Instagram Pic All The Way From Space

NASA astronaut Steven Swanson has kind of made history. Please don’t think that it’s something related to astronomy or space. No, but the historic moment is that he has posted the first ever Instagram sent all the way from space earlier this week. Swanson posted a selfie from the International S … Continue reading

New Instagram Update This Week

This week saw the latest Instagram update for Android with some camera enhancement and video functions. The new feature helps to add videos to Instagram from the phone gallery which allows the user to share the clips with all. This app helps to edit the photos and bring it to correct level. There … Continue reading

Revamped Vine For iOS

The battle between Instagram & Vine is getting intense with Vine, releasing a update with brand new look and features for the iOS with new tools for shooting, sharing, and discovering 6-second clips. App is now available for download from the App Store. New features that have been added are v … Continue reading