With 150 M Users Instagram Promises To Have Ads Within a Year

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Instagram Director of Business Operations Emily White, told The Wall Street Journal that Instagram is going to sell their adds within the next year as they have reached 150 million active users. Are users ready? Its the first time recognition that any photo sharing network is going to feature its add. Instagram launched back in 2010 as not the first, …


Using ‘Insta,’ ‘Gram,’ Or ‘IG’ Is Unadvisable In App Name Instagram

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It’s a watch out signal for Apps like Luxogram, Instaframe, and Webstagram as Instagram has planned to hunt down the firms that use words and logos resembling to Instagram and politely request them to close down and call a halt. Recently, the photo-sharing social network, Instagram updated its guidelines with a revised list of do’s and don’ts. Certain Do’s consist …


New Instagram Update This Week

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This week saw the latest Instagram update for Android with some camera enhancement and video functions. The new feature helps to add videos to Instagram from the phone gallery which allows the user to share the clips with all. This app helps to edit the photos and bring it to correct level. There are many editing tools available for the …


Revamped Vine For iOS

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The battle between Instagram & Vine is getting intense with Vine, releasing a update with brand new look and features for the iOS with new tools for shooting, sharing, and discovering 6-second clips. App is now available for download from the App Store. New features that have been added are video capture  with grid, a focus option, and ghost button …


An Instagram Video Post Of LeBron James Ends His Social Blackout

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Dominating social conversation online was LeBron James second achievement on Thursday night’s Game 7. James James’ online popularity came while he actually laid low on the web, staging a self-imposed social media playoffs blackout for the second straight year. And, for the second straight year it worked. The Heat have now won back-to-back championships. With 7.4 million tweets of Thursday’s …


Now Vine On Android Has More To Offer : Share To Facebook & Search For Trending Hashtags

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With Instagram rolling out Video support, Twitter is not far behind. Twitter has came up with a update on its video sharing app Vine for Android with new features including sharing for Facebook & allowing searching for hashtags & users. Updated app is now available for download on Play Store. Here’s what the tweet announcement of company goes like : …


Instagram Hits 5 Million Video Uploads With In Day Of It’s Launch

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Celebrities and huge brands have started posting videos on the services, as have many major league sports team. Facebook announced Instagram Videos at a press meet at its Menlo Park headquarters on Thursday. Instagram users can now upload a 3-15 second videos, add one of 12 video-specific filters and then share them with friends. Celebrities like Justin Beiber and Jimmy …


Facebook’s Dry Innovation Drive – Out Of Ideas

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Like it happens with every novel idea or service, Hitting a Road Block of Creativity. This time its our loved Social Network FACEBOOK. Facebook is largely perceived as the next big thing on Internet or the NEXT Internet, weaving the fabric of Social Connectivity and Communication. This falls on the lines of unifying mission statement As Facebook passed 500 million …


Instagram Still Continues To Deliver

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Last year, somewhere around the same time Facebook shook the media world by purchasing Instagram. The agreement and the purchase of Instagram left the social media titans with 1 billion dollar less in their account. Back then, Instagram was a new and comparatively small app. The basic use of this app was to edit or share photos with no distinct …


EyeEm’s Catching Up To Instagram

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EyeEm, a social photo and filters app from Berlin, is finally catching people’s interest, as it is now known as the best alternative to Instagram. EyeEm is already available on the web, iPhone, and several Android phones, including Windows Phone 8, which doesn’t actually have Instagram yet. After the major blunder made by Instagram regarding it’s new terms, the company …