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Yahoo to bring a YouTube Rival this Summer

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According to latest reports, Yahoo is going to unveil a YouTube rival this summer. It is believed that the Yahoo’s service is going to offer more generous revenue-sharing deals for creators. It is being said that reportedly Yahoo’s service is expected to offer a better ad revenue share than Google YouTube’s 45%. Yahoo had earlier wanted to unveil this new …


New Cities Coming To Google Fiber

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In the past few years, gigabit Internet has grown from a hypothetical idea and turned into reality. Thanks to the people who have been working hard to build networks with speeds nearly a 100 times faster than what we have today. There is a huge demand for high-speed Internet and people want it at their homes and workplaces as soon …


Google Developing A New-Age Set-Top Box For Android TV

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Google is working on a brand new Android TV set-top media box that utilizes a straightforward card interface that will include native apps, games, voice search and also a proactive recommendation system. The set-top box is believed to be released very soon, according to a set of documents obtained by a leading website. These documents state that while Android powers …


Google To Stand Against Apple In Latest Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit

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The Wall Street Journal Stated that, Google engineers, including former Android Chief Andy Rubin, may testify during the second patent trial between Apple and Samsung. Samsung will reportedly use the testimonials to prove that it has the right for four out of the five software features it is accused off in the latest Apple vs Samsung lawsuit, as it contends …


Google Now Available To All Chrome Users

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Google’s prognostic digital assistant, Google Now, is ‘now’ offered to all the Chrome users. This means the same Google Now cards that adorn your smartphone—commute traffic, weather, sports scores and event reminders—will now be there on your Chrome desktop as well. While checking your emails at the end of the day, you may now get an alert suggesting that you …

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Google Collaborates With Ray-Ban And Oakley To Add Style To Google Glass

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Google is now making an attempt to make the Google Glass something really worth sporting. The search engine giant has just proclaimed that it’ll be working with the Luxottica Group to bring styles from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue Eyewear and different designers to its wearable display. Google made this partnership announcement via its Google+ page, saying that it envisions Glass as …


Google Selling Motorola To Lenovo For $2.91 Billion

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The biggest tech company this time is interested in selling one of division i.e. Motorola handset to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. It is currently the biggest deal for chinese electronics company.Earlier Lenovo had offered $2.3 billion to IBM for low-end server business. This Chinese company will pay search engine giant as $660 million in cash, $750 million in Lenovo shares, …


A Golden Chance For Hackers To Show Their Talent In Google Pwnium 4

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Google has once again announced Pwnium hacking contest, for the hackers who beleive that they could bring anything out. The prizes announced are up to $2.7 million in total, and it can go with anyone who can hack Chrome OS so Google can better patch specific exploits and issues. This contest named Pwnium, will allow to choose to hack Intel …


Google Buy DeepMind: An Artificial Intelligence Company

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Another acquisition from the Google can be a London-based artificial intelligence company DeepMind for more than $500 million, according to The Information reports. According to Re/code, this acquisition was led by Larry Page, to add a powerful AI team at Google- not least Ray Kurzweil, who was hired in 2012 to work on machine learning and language processing. However, DeepMind …


Google Announced To Pay A Huge Salary To Hackers Spotting Flaws In Chrome OS

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Google have discovered a way to find the bug in it’s Chrome OS, as the company wants that the hackers should do something for their OS and in return they will be getting a huge pay. Google announced it’s plan for it’s fourth annual hacking contest called Pwnium 4, which is most probably scheduled in March at the CanSecWest security …


Google’s Smart Lenses Are Used To Measure Sugar Level In Tears

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On Thursday, Google revealed that the company’s smart contact lenses are made to test the sugar level in the tears, to finally calculate sugar level in blood of the people having diabetes. These lens are in it’s early days but it seems that it will come into use in some 5-6 years, as the researchers have completed multiple clinical research …


Google Acquired Nest Labs, At $3.2 Billion

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Google recently acquired Nest Labs, as it is famous for manufacture of Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. No changes will be made for Nest’s leadership structure and it will operate under Google’s umbrella, according to a press release. Nest Thermostat, which is priced at $249, is famous for it’s work of of cooling and heating up a consumer’s home once …


Another Case Where A Man Doesn’t Even Know What’s Done With His G+ ID

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There are too many acts we see off and on where these web service providers get into trouble because of the complaint against them for some inconvienient activity the user see in their account without their permission, or so called blow in their private zone. A case have been seen recently where a guy named Thomas Gagnon of Massachusetts, have …