Google Suggesting Users Not To Use Google Glass While Driving

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It sounds pretty obvious that a Google glass user is wearing it while driving, but the company is warning and suggesting users something against it. The company has published this week with guidelines regarding road safety while using Glass. The altered terms of service (via PC World) are as such: “Some of our services are available on mobile devices. Do …


Gartner Estimation Says Google Glass Will Save $1 Billion In 5 Years

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Goggle glass is not only a unique material for the costumers but it also have a great advantages in businesses. Gartner have firmly made an estimation that using Goggle glass and similar products company can save approx. $1 billion within three to five years. It has a great advantage in many fields like Health department, technical repair and industrial manufacturing. …

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App Store For Google Glass Coming Soon

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After six months, there is good news for developers and google glass users via Google+ post Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan: As of today, you can submit your Glassware for review. Completing the Glassware review process will make your Glassware eligible to show on MyGlass and eligible to receive quota beyond the testing limit. “Glassware”, the app has been around since …


Mercedes With Google Glass Integration In Cars

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In cars, navigation is thing that has excelled a lot since its usage began in public. Now Mercedes-Benz along with Google is working on a new concept called door-to-door navigation making use of Google Glass for providing seamless navigation after you park your car and step out of it. The works on prototypes have already begun in Mercedes with Google …


Re-imagined Retro Google Glass

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Futuristic technologies aren’t always good looking, as with Google Glass. Simple frame with awkward camera husing sticking out. With SDK and Mirror API out for Glass development, Sourcebits went step ahead and reimagined the device’s look. The revamped glasses flaunt a retro appearance, complete with thick, black frames with all Glass hardware distributed more evenly, touch sensors packed on both …

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Glass Development Kit Delayed, Developers Encouraged To Use Android API For Google Glass

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No matter how much things come in way for Glass Project, Google is determined for its release. AT the current Google I/O event company announced that a Glass Developer Kit is under development for providing developers with tools for developing Apps and tools for the Glass that will offer more functionality than currently available Mirror API. With Glass DK being …


Victor Oladipo On Number 2 In NBA DRAFT – With Google Glass

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NBA drafts can be a celebration for some and be a nightmare for some. In previous years one could rely on Golden State Warriors to draft high and chose someone whose name is not so popular and less heard. This year’s draft disappointed many but brought celebration for all Oladipo’s fans. Indiana University’s Victor Oladipo decided to see the world …

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First YouTube Google Glass App

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The first YouTube Google Glass app is now ready. Fullscreen BEAM, the first YouTube app for Google Glass, was released today by Fullscreen Labs. “Our engineering team loves building better experiences for digital video creators everyday and hacking on new initiatives and passion projects into the night,” said Drew Baumann, Founding Engineer, Fullscreen, in a blog post. “We host monthly …