Ward Declared No More Racing Games From Criterion

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Criterion Studio, the famous maker of the racing games, Road Rash, Need for Speed and Burnout, is moving out of its favourite territory. According to the tweets of Alex Ward, Criterion creative director, the production house is now planning for something new and something more spectacular. The company has made its strong feet in the gaming industry through its amazing …


EA Shuts EA Mobile Generating Lay Offs

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After failing to meet it’s financial targets in the last quarter, now, EA shuts EA Mobile Montreal. This closure has generated a number of layoffs. According to the company, for now EA is particularly focusing in developing games for new platforms and mobiles, and to become a more efficient organization reducing the team size is quite necessary in some cases. …


Joe Ybarra’s All New Studio – Joe Got Game

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Joe Ybarra is producer and designer of video games and co-founder of Electronic Arts. He used to work at Apple Computer before leaving in 1982 to work at Electronic Arts, a company started by another Apple ex-employee. He is the producer of the first madden NFL. And has other big names under his production such as :- M.U.L.E., Seven cities …


It’s Not Sexism

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According to Gabrielle Toledano, Electronic Art’s executive vice president, while sexism may be an issue in the gaming industry, it’s not the reason behind the low percentage of women who work in it,as she said in an editorial at Forbes. Actually, about half of all gamer’s are female, but there is still a belief that “the only people playing games …