The Cancelled Project at Sony Santa Monica was Some New Project Set To Debut At E3

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After the recent layoffs that hit Sony Santa Monica earlier this week, a confirmatory report comes in stating that it was a new title that the developer was engaged on and it has been called off. This new project was a new sci-fi themed open world IP. It was being worked upon from last four years and was set to debut at this year’s E3.  Reports also suggest that the title was being led by God …


News Regarding Halo Coming At E3, According To Phil Spencer

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All the news related to Halo will be announced at E3 for sure, according to comments made by Microsoft Studios Corporate VP Phil Spencer. Responding to a question on Twitter concerning the future Halo instalment, Spencer said that the news associated with Halo will be announced in June at E3 2014.”Halo news will surely be coming at E3,” he wrote. “343i [343 Industries] has a nice plan in place, will be cool to share it with everybody.” Master Chief’s voice actor Steve Downes indicated earlier this month that …

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Microsoft Wanted To Remove The Disc Drive From Xbox One

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Microsoft had an actual discussion regarding whether or not it should remove the disc drive from the Xbox One right after the console’s second reveal at E3 2013. “After the announcement and E3, there was some feedback regarding what individuals wished to change,” Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer aforesaid in an interview. “There was a true discussion regarding whether or …


Fish Is No More With Fez

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Phil Fish, the creator of Fez has announced his move for making the series for 2012 Game of the year, during E3 show. And recently for everybody’s surprise, he cancelled the move. Polytron’s tweeted that he is disappointed with the move of Fish as Fez 2 is no longer in developing stage. The tweet of Fish states that he do …


American Accent To Aussie Accent – Mad Max

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This year E3 had a surprising announcement for the gamers, who had been expecting the name of the character in a game, based on the movie series “Mad Max” to be in Aussie accent. One of the Australian journalists shown the game, Stephen Farrelly from AusGamers, was less than impressed, and quickly kicked off an online petition to give Max back a proper …


Titanfall, The Best Game Of The Show At E3

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It has been reported by the Game Critics Award that Titanfall has acquired six different awards at this year’s E3 which entitled it as the best game of the show. Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is an upcoming online multiplayer first-person shooter that was created by the former creators of the Call of Duty franchise. The game was unveiled during the ending …


Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall With 6 Nominations – Emerged As A Favorite Of Critic Awards, E3 2013

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The debut title of Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall has enabled itself to emerge as one of the favorites in the nominations. These nominations are for the Critic Awards of E3 2013. Titanfalls has created new records for Critic Awards of the game. This has been achieved by scoring almost six nominations. This was pleasing for Pat, in the case if you …


Assassin’s Creed IV Gameplay Footage Features Battles Between Ships

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Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is all about pirates and assassins. So, it wasn’t to surprising when the Assassin’s Creed IV gameplay footage displayed exciting battles between ships along with the standard gameplay demo. Check out the official E3 video featuring displaying the gameplay and even ship battles below. The game is set to release n October for Xbox …


DICE Executive Producer Surprised By Battlefield 4 Popularity, Thinks It’s Sci-Fi’s Turn Now

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DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach is surprised by Battlefield 4’s popularity at the E3. According to him, military shooters are not over-saturated any longer, and now it’s Sci-Fi’s turn to shine. In a discussion with IGN, Bach said, “Is it (over-saturated)? Today? Really? There are not that many (military shooters) out there, to be honest. A couple years ago, I …