BlackBerry Needs More Cash To Put Off A Sale

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BlackBerry is still waiting for those happy days which had made it the king of smartphone and its market. I still remember the time when the people were crazy of having blackberry set into their pocket, but then came more alluring OS like Android and iOS which captured almost whole mobile market. This was the greatest and quickest example of …


BlackBerry Providing BBM Through First-Come-First-Serve Basis To iOS, Android

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No more Wait For BBM, as Company has resumed its rollout of BBM for iOS and Android after so many hindrance. Earlier, it was planned to launch it on 21st October but delayed due to that fake version release. Company knows about its demand, about 6 million people have signed up for information about BBM on the company’s website. Blackberry …


Blackberry Sued By Investors For Misleading About The Success Of BB10

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Bloomberg reported that, the company mislead and have given some wrong statement to investors about the success of BB10. The investor, Marvin Pearlstein, has filed the lawsuit against Thorsten Heins, CEO of Blackberry and CFO Bidulika. Heins allegedly wrote that BlackBerry “continues to be a financially strong company.” So, the suit was filed in the court of Manhattan, and told …


BlackBerry Agrees To Go Private In $4.7 Billion Deal

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In the north, BlackBerry is more than a mobile technology company or, you can say, a dominant smartphone maker. Today, Company announced that it has received a buyout offer at $9 per share for about $4.7 billion in total, from investment firm Fairfax Financial. The company will (technically) still be Canadian and this offer will take the tanking company private. …


Formation Of New Committee For Blackberry

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Blackberry is taking sincere efforts to boost its sale in the market. The Smart phone maker has formed a committee that would plan and explore the strategic options for the company. All these are taken as the launch of latest blackberry has not been a great success story for Blackberry. The company is planning to increase the sales of its …


BBM On Android And iOS To Be Available From June 27th, According To T-Mobile

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Everyone (or at least iOS and Android users) is waiting for the release of BBM on Android and iOS. And now, according to a tweet from T-Mobile, the release date is June 27th. That’s what everyone believed, until BlackBerry denied it and said that no exact date has been decided yet. “That date is completely inaccurate; we have never indicated …

blackberry Q5

BlackBerry Q5, An Affordable BB10 Handset

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It’s not something widely anticipated, but it is something new. The BlackBerry Q5 is the new and affordable BB10 successor to the BlackBerry Q5. It was announced officially today by Thorsten Heins (CEO) over at BlackBerry Live. It has a 720 x 720, 3.1-inches display, and also has the infamous but beloved BlackBerry QWERTY. It has a simple build, and …


BlackBerry World Hits 120,000 Apps With The Launch Of Skype

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BlackBerry World, the app store for BlackBerry smartphones is now home to over 120,000 apps. The news, which was revealed by BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, came after when it was revealed that Skype will be launching its cross platform messaging service on BlackBerry Z10 alongside the BlackBerry 10.1 firmware update, which will be made available to all users today. Heins …


Twitter Update- Better Notifications Service For Your BlackBerry

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A new Twitter update, namely Twitter 4.1, released just yesterday. It provides a better notification service for your BlackBerry handset. Twitter 4.1 enables Twitter to notify you when you get get new followers, or if someone re-tweets or favourites any of your tweets, and swiping panels in the bio banner have also been added. Now, it’s easier for first time …


Apple And Samsung Can Get A Business With The Department Of Defence

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After BlackBerry, now it is Apple and Samsung, in a talk with the Department of Defence. These discussions can make the first base for companies to expand their business within the employees of the agency. As per the reports of the Wall Street Journal, the department is planning to finalise the security approval for iPhone and iPad from Apple and …