Broken Age All Set For An iPad Arrival

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Well, if you had been waiting for a classically-styled, thrilling adventure on your iPad, then it you’ll be quite pleased to know that Double Fine’s Broken Age is now available on Apple’s urbane tablet. Broken Age is an off-kilter adventure, which is action packed with a dose of humour. The humour is a mixture of obscenely clever and gleefully childish …


Top Sellers: Apple, Samsung Smartphone Top Sellers In US

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The feature phone thing is not entirely dead in the United States but its likely getting there, according to market analyst and researcher Counterpoint. The analysis firm revealed its Market Monitor quarterly tracker report Thursday, giving up the news that smartphones accounted for more than 87 % of all phone shipments within the U.S. by the end of the first …


Apple Patents Gesture Unlocking Technique for Mobile Devices

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Apple has recently acquired  a pair of new patent applications. The patent published by the USPTO is a gesture-based unlocking system for Apple’s devices iPhone and the iPad. The system involved in this is quite secure and somewhat similar to the Android based platform. But, the better part here is that the number of provisions are better than Android, making …


A New Rumour Spreads Regarding iWatch

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Apple’s highly awaited “iWatch” smartwatch may include in a UV light exposure sensor which will be provided by Texas-based Silicon Labs, according to reports coming in from Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis (via AppleInsider). This sensor will be “fit for activity-tracking arm and wrist bands, smart watches and smartphone handsets.” The sensor will also track heart/pulse rate and blood oximetry levels …


Apple And Microsoft More Cash Than Various Countries

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Going by Quinlan’s research carried out to compare global cash reserves of various US companies and various nations of the world, the outome suggests that companies like Apple and Microsoft have more cash than various countries of the world. “Without a world of uncertainty, one thing is sure: Most U.S. corporations have plenty of capital at their disposal,” said US …


Consumers Want Cheaper And Bigger Phones, Says Apple

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The latest info coming straight from the Samsung/Apple trial gives some candid insight into Apple’s analysis of the futurity of the smartphone market. The info was availed via documents posted by Re/code and they include an Apple slide deck from April, 2013 for 2014 planning. The document has graphs showing Apple’s growth rates that are slowing quarter after quarter. It …


FireChat Allows People To Chat With Each Other Through A Hidden Feature In Apple’s Software

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FireChat- a new anonymous messaging app which has received more than 100,000 downloads, uses one of the best features we have seen so far for people to talk to each other. The app holds a feature in Apple’s mobile software, iOS 7, called a Multipeer Connectivity Framework. This is found on all Apple devices and enables a direct connection to …


Google To Stand Against Apple In Latest Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit

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The Wall Street Journal Stated that, Google engineers, including former Android Chief Andy Rubin, may testify during the second patent trial between Apple and Samsung. Samsung will reportedly use the testimonials to prove that it has the right for four out of the five software features it is accused off in the latest Apple vs Samsung lawsuit, as it contends …