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Bounden For iOS To Arrive On May 21

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Bounden is releasing on the coming Wednesday, 21 May for iOS. The game will be out there on Android as well, but they the release has been delayed due to some developing work still on for the Android version. Many have been eagerly waiting for the game, probably coz they maybe dance freaks! Well talking about the game, there could …


Threes! Available On Android Now

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There is a good news for all the Android users. Well known iOS game Threes! is now available for Android devices as well. Though Android users may be late to the Threes!, but still it calls in for a celebration. A celebration with the maths ‘n’ stuff. Sirvo’s acclaimed iOS puzzle game is now playable on android devices (4.0 and …

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Tales Of Asteria To Come Out On iOS And Android Devices Very Soon

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Big fans of the Tales clones have Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Xilia 2 to look forward to. It is because Tales of Asteria is coming on to Android and iOS devices pretty soon. Bandai Namco has announced the mobile-oriented RPG with a spring release on iOS and Android devices planned for Japan. Visiting Asteria’s promotional web site clears out the air. According to reports from a top Japanese gaming …


Buddy & Me Available on Google Play

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Buddy & Me, the famous side-scrolling mobile game, quite known on iOS is now out there for Android on Google Play, according to an announcement from its developer Sunbreak. The lovable and adorable mobile game had earned high praise from America when it had first released on iOS. Now android users will get to expertise the game and its singing bunnies. Well for those who don’t know how the game goes …


Huawei Entering Into Console World, Introducing, Android-Console “Tron”

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Huawei has now decided to enter to console world, as the company announced about it’s own Android-based mini-console. The company unveiled the “Tron” this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, which could hit the market in May this year at the low rate of $120 or less. Including it’s low rate, it have many of the feature like it will …


Google’s Plan-Sharing Service, Google Schemer May Shut-Down

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A service started by a small group of Google engineers in 2011, Google Schemer will most probably shut down. It’s a service which is dedicated to get people off their PCs and outside, exploring. On Monday, some images were leaked of the internal version of the Schemer Website indicating that it will be discontinued. The internal site reads “We had …


Twitter Will Allow To Send Photos In Direct Message Through Mobile

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According to the announcement made on tuesday by Twitter, it looks like photo sharing through mobile web as a direct message between two users will be possible with microblogging service. The company also added that the user will have access to swipe through its timeline feeds and rolled out some more new features with new software releases for iOS and …


Samsung To Fix The Issues And Resumes Android Jelly Bean Update For Galaxy S3

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Soon all the issues which were noticed earlier in Samsung Galaxy S3 users is expected to fix and seems to be normal. “We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused,” the company said. It is been noticed that the Solution to issues with Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4.3 upgrade, is rolling-out among the users of UK. Every other phone …


Experience Google’s New Android 4.4.1 With Camera Update

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Google’s Android 4.4.1 came with lot of updates and will be available within next couple of days. So, probably Nexus 5 smartphones will be inbuilt with the updates. The update has a quality speed, focused to boost the low light and achieve white balance, as well as less shutter lag and the new ability to pinch-zoom the viewfinder in HDR+ …