Symfony2 is an enterprise grade full-stack framework built with 29 decoupled Symfony components which implement common features that are needed to develop websites.

Webmuch has picked Symfony2 as the framework of choice for large scale PHP projects. Our teams excels at using the framework fullest to it’s capabilities as a full stack or only bare components. We are experienced with Symfony2 3rd party bundles to integrate extra features into applications.

Why Symfony ?

Open Source

Symfony2 is a 100% open source framework used by large organizations like the BBC or CBS and by many large websites like TED,, Lockers, etc. Over 550 people have contributed to the Symfony core and the community has created over 1,600 bundles for the framework.


Symfony2 has been adopted as the development platform for many large CMSes like Drupal, eZpublish, libraries like PHPUnit, Doctrine, products like phpBB4, shopware, and even frameworks like PPI, Laravel, etc. With so many pre-built solutions accepting Symfony, it becomes much easier to integrate custom Symfony2 applications with these softwares.


Symfony is definately here to stay, created by a large scale agency like Sensio Labs, support and funded by many other, the project has a very secure future. With such stable and reliable softwares it becomes easy to switch development teams. We have taken over many half built Symfony projects and landed them to completion.

Drupal 8

A whole host of Symfony2 components have been adopted for development of Drupal 8, namely HttpKernel, HttpFoundation, Event Dispatcher, ClassLoader, YAML, Routing, Dependency Injection, Twig, Process/Console, Serializer, Validator, Translation. This makes Drupal8’s complete low level architechture built upon Symfony and makes it the perfect content management platform for a Symfony2 development team. For the same reason, we have been following Drupal8 from its very core and have ported legacy of Drupal7 to Drupal8, since it has been released.


Another one of the biggest open source software, easily one of the largest forum, bulletin board softwares has adopted Symfony2 full stack framework for the development of it’s 4th version PHPBB4. Yet again this brings in great interoperability between complex softwares such as Drupal and PHPBB4. Webmuch team keeps updated with the PHPBB4 development and will be ready in time for it’s release.

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Webmuch team fashions outstanding applications and business workflow with the help of Symfony2. Get in touch with us for your Symfony2 project and find out how we can help you.

Microfinance Management

Late 2013 we received a requirement for a financial management system with many complex workflows for a medium scale micro-finance organization.

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