Mobile Traction model

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A while ago, the trick for getting mobile traction was pretty simple. It went something like this: Build something really great Get App Store/Play Store to feature you See your app gaining popularity Use some cheap installations to take it to a higher level Voila, you’re a star! This formula worked for quite a few years, especially for new start-ups …


Google Buy DeepMind: An Artificial Intelligence Company

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Another acquisition from the Google can be a London-based artificial intelligence company DeepMind for more than $500 million, according to The Information reports. According to Re/code, this acquisition was led by Larry Page, to add a powerful AI team at Google- not least Ray Kurzweil, who was hired in 2012 to work on machine learning and language processing. However, DeepMind …


An Interesting Startup Provides Legal Services To Individuals

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A company named UpCounsel, which help individuals and businesses to connect with the lawyer best suited to them. It was founded in 2012, which made anyone to find professional legal service easily. The customer only needs to post a job for free, get some quotes, and hire someone. The company on the other hand does some paperwork and remains behind …


Another Acquisition By Tech Giant, This Time It’s Google Acquired Bitspin

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‘Timely’ app maker Bitspin has been acquired by the tech giant Google, and the acquisition is confirmed by the company itself. No doubt that now you can download its premium version for free, as earlier the basic version needs no cost but to upgrade it to premium version, the charge was $3. So there may be a profit for the …


Snapchat’s Reply To Estimated 4.6 M Snapchat Accounts Hack

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Earlier, the hackers have updated information about hacking 4.6 million Snapchat accounts, and the company finally admitted that it does have some problems, however the company have not made any apologies. Snapchat have replied that “it could probably happen” to the hackers who have claimed that they updated the Snapchat’s API and two security exploits that could allow hackers to …

facebook sportstream

Facebook Has Acquired A Startup Sport Analizing Company SportStream

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The company which analyzes the sports news on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, named SportStream is been acquired by Facebook. The company basically sells data to the other media sites or news sites so that its easy to manupulate and analyse or simply track what people think and use them on their websites. SportStream was founded in …


Learn Coding With Codeacademy Now On An iPhone app

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The code learner will never get more than this, as now you don’t need to go outside to learn coding because codeacademy is going to launch new Hour of Code iOS app. It is all about learning code faster without having much difficulty because of its criteria which gives the idea to craete complex codes, including full applications and games. …


Snapchat Asked Court To Gag Order Against Ousted Founder, Reggie Brown

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Snapchat has requested a temporary gag order from federal court against ousted founder Reggie Brown, who claims he came up with the idea for the “disappearing messages” app while attending college with co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. Reggie is currently suing both co-founders, as he claims that he was pushed out of stake and, Spiegel and Murphy made company …


Snapchat Managed To Get Emily White Away From Facebook

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Snapchat’s growth has not only astounded the general public, bit has also impressed Emily White. She was the executive who was in charge of Facebook’s Instagram advertising. She is leaving the company to become the COO of Snapchat. “It happened too fast. To have a real COO role in one of many companies which is not doing any favour to …


Apple Buys Topsy For $200 Million

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Social analytics, Topsy has been purchased by Apple for more than $200 million. According to its website, Topsy is a search and analytics company which partners with Twitter retain old Tweets, dating back to 2006. With Topsy’s analytic tools, companies would be able to analyze keywords in several different categories such as activity, geography, exposure or general public sentiment. The …


AOL Not Happy With Startup Which Downloaded Entire ‘CrunchBase’ Data

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An app for smartphones and Google glass known as “People+,” is an startup by Pro Populi. This app is made after downloading all the database of CrunchBase on which AOL lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to Pro Populi. According to the company, it’s like a dictionary of people and companies in the tech and startup scenes and what CrunchBase is …


Germany Wants National Internet Because Of The NSA Spying

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Report suggests that Germany is now creating its own Internet to secure communications from spying by foreign intelligence services. State-backed Deutsche Telekom is currently urging other German communications firms to “cooperate to shield local Internet traffic from foreign intelligence services” like the National Security Agency (NSA), Reuters reported Friday. Germany chancellor is very angry from this report, however on Wednesday, …


Ophone To Explore Odors Through Messages

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Earlier, we have only experienced pleasant smell through delicious food, perfume or through an exotic food, but now its time to experience it through smartphones. Isn’t it interesting?…Yes, now the smell will travel a long distances through Ophones which is a bluetooth device. It was a prank and an idea from google, to send the odor through search engine. But …