Islamic Militant Group Threatens Attack On Sochi Olympics

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A video that has been recently spotted on the web, an Islamic militant group threatens to attack the upcoming 2014 Olympics in Sochi. According to the, “two Russian-speaking men” appeared in the video holding automatic rifles who took credit for the recent bombings in Volgograd which claimed the lives of over 30 people and also assured of more attacks. …

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Defence Contractor Got Arrested For Shipping Military Secrets to Iran

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A U.S. citizen from Iran, Mozaffar Khazaee holds citizenship in both countries, got arrested by federal authorities. The charges were: smuggling of classified technical data on a variety of military projects- including the new F-35 Lightning II—out of the country and into Iran. According to Customs and Border authorities, he had earlier worked for at least three different defense contractors …


NSA Also Spies Members Of Congress

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Does NSA really spies member of U.S. Congress?..The firm has given a reply to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ letter which is stating that NSA treats Congress and other elected officials as a regular citizens. This is what was the actual letters by NSA, courtesy The Guardian: NSA’s authorities to collect signals intelligence data include procedures that protect the privacy of …

Eastern District of New York- federal district court

Federal District Court Rules In Favor Of Search On Borders Without Warrants

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Travelers who have plans to go abroad should know that the border rules are as they were earlier-we are talking about the rights of government to search and seize the electronic items without any search warranty. This news is among the top headlines to and fro and again it flashed after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging the policy. …


Barack Obama Lets Gay Athletes Represent Sochi Olympics Delegation

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President Barack Obama has made a huge statement by selecting former tennis legend, Billie Jean King and former hockey star Caitlin Cahow, who are lesbians to represent the White House at the Sochi Olympics in 2014. The announcement, which was made on Tuesday also included the following: “A number of officials and legendary athletes would be representing our government in …


Reports: FBI Can Secretly Turn On Laptop Cameras Without The Indicator Light

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There are many Bad comments seen among the people for this secretly operating computer’s camera. According to the reports of TWP, FBI has ability to secretly activate a computer’s camera “without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording” for years now. There is nothing positive in it and yeah we can’t even think of it… Former FBI’s …


Microsoft On Defence Against NSA’s Snooping

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Microsoft is presently showing its brave side by facing NSA, which is snooping into corporate databases, Internet traffic, and cellphone locations have put the technology industry on the defensive. The lead companies like Google, Mozilla, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo have shielded their customer data against spying eyes without search warrants or legal subpoenas well. In a blog post Tuesday, Microsoft …


Google Violates Dutch Privacy Laws

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The Dutch privacy watchdogs have come to a conclusion that Google’s policy regarding their privacy breaches the Dutch data protection act. According to the Dutch Data Protection report, Google doesn’t inform the users about the personal data it collects and combines for their search purposes. “Google makes a mess of our personal data, without our content. That is forbidden by …


Vasquez, Grooveshark Executive Was Allegedly Shot In St. Petersburg

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Grooveshark, a music streaming company has lost its top executive, as he was shot and killed early Saturday in St. Petersburg. A 27 years old Eddy Vasquez, director of international sales and had worked with Grooveshark since 2011 was shot twice in the chest by 26-years-old Andres Rodriguez Torres, who was his former classmate at the University of South Florida. …


Report: U.K. Used Fake LinkedIn, Slashdot Pages To Spy On Telecom Firm

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According to reports, to have an access on the computers on which Belgian telecom firm Belgacom works, UK Government Communications Headquarters Teams have used fake, malware-laden LinkedIn and Slashdot pages. It normally looked like a normal Web page but were actually malware-laden clones, which infected workers’ PCs and gave GCHQ far-reaching access into their files, Der Spiegel said. It was …


Report: A Civilian To Head NSA

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According to the reports, the White House is considering to appoint a civilian leader to run the NSA, as Keith Alexander, current director stepped down in spring and had led this agency since 2005. This step smells like a new view of whole agency and is seen by some as a promising if small first step toward greater transparency. Naming …


Facebook Ahead Of Seven Other SNS In Sending Traffic To Publishers

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The recent study by Statista suggests that Facebook is way ahead in driving the traffic to publishers and currently Facebook is holding first place with 10.4% of online publishers website traffic. The SNS I am talking about: ; Pinterest, Twitter, Stumble Upon, reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. Comparing with Facebook, Pinterest comes on second at 3.7%, followed by Twitter at …


Rockstar Suing Google, Samsung And Others

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It’s a popular news nowadays, that the company owned by Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericsson and Sony: Rockstar, the consortium that bought Nortel’s portfolio of patents for $4.5 billion is suing Google, Samsung Electronics, HTC, Huawei and others for patent infringement, reports Reuters’ Dan Levine. Google tried its level best in capturing Rockstar by offering firstly $900 million then raising the …


NSA Is Allegedly Tapping Google’s Private Network

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A report from Washington Post, shows that NSA is allegedly tapping Google’s private network. The Google’s top lawyer was in thought that “government does not have access to Google servers-not directly, or via a back door”, but it’s completely different scenario. The document consists of a hand-sketched drawing of where the NSA is allegedly tapping private network of the Company …