Peter Dinklage May Star In Pixels

Adam Sandler has come up with a new project which is based on a short-film bases video game comedy sci-fi thriller, and is titled Pixels. It is been said that “Game Of Thrones” Peter Dinklage has been given the major role.

Sandler, Josh Gad and Kevin James are already working on the story of what happens when aliens use iconic video game characters to wage war on the human race. Things look against humanity until the president (James) calls on his old friends (Sandler and Gad) to employ their gaming skills to stop the invaders.

Dinklage, meanwhile, will be seen channelling The King Of Kong’s Billy Mitchell to play an arrogant, preening former Donkey Kong and Space Invaders champ. Chris Columbus is the man directing the project, working from Tim Herlihy and Timothy Dowling’s script, itself based on Patrick Jean’s short film.