Red Orchestra 2 free on Steam

Tripwire Interactive has put on a great offer on its multiplayer World War II shooter Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. It will be free to download today on Steam and the deal will go on for the next 24­hours. The deal is basically but to target the players who have not been very much involved with the game or were earlier not interested in setting foot into it. So, go and download it and spread the word. The download allows you to keep the game forever.

Minecraft PC coming soon

Minecraft developer Mojang has revealed a video regarding the forthcoming update for the PC version of the game. The update offers more options for world customization in the game. The video also shows the game’s 16 new terrain­modifying sliders, which allow players to manually set the foundation of their Minecraft worlds. The update is also going to include some other customization functions, like the ability to decide which structures are generated by the game, for example structures like caves, villages, temples and strongholds. There is also going to be an option for the players to set the number of dungeons and the height of their world’s sea level in the game. A lot has been shown in the video about the update, but the launch date is yet to be revealed.

Vinyls cannot overtake CDs

Well, it may sound a bit awkward but let me wish you a very Happy Record Store Day! Vinyl may have become a hit with all the music lovers and may be encouraging people to explore and buy new music, but still it can’t overtake CDs, believe the experts. But there’s something interesting as well, that you need not worry about dropping the needle and physically spinning the record back to rewind. Obviously, people today want more of relaxing things and less of physicality. Vinyl may be great, but to the experts this idea sounds to be less superior to that of uncompressed digital recordings and they believe that this idea is preposterous.

Scattered – a short film that imagines a world without paper

Can you imagine the world without paper? Well, it seems a bit difficult but it is not that difficult according to a recent scientist’s short film “Scattered,” that is based upon a story adopted from author Ken MacLeod’s work. No paper means, we can cut down on a lot of waste, we can save a thousands of trees and a lot more. The idea is pretty fascinating and has been well explored in “Scattered.” This is the graduation project for two students from London’s MetFilm School and has been adopted from Ken MacLeod’s story, “The Surface of Last Scattering,” which was published in the sci­fi anthology TFSF.

Pizza cake could soon be a thing

Canadian pizza chain Boston Pizza is ready to prove you wrong with items like a cake made of pizza and ergonomically-designed pizza cheese clippers. The wacky offerings are part of Boston Pizza’s Pizza Game Changers campaign. The campaign, which launched on Monday, allows customers to vote for their favorite of eight innovative – or just plain bizarre – products. In addition …

Hundreds of Disney Infinity Employees May Get Fired

Wall Street Journal reports that Disney Infinity may undergo a layoff. Citing anonymous sources “close to the corporate,” the report claims that these dismissals are “expected to start when the media giant releases its quarterly financial results this Wednesday.” The Wall Street Journal offers no strong report for the mass dismissal, though it references a recently proclaimed effort to reorganize Disney Interactive by President Jimmy Pitaro. The report also mentions Disney infinity expansions based on Star Wars and Marvel Comics. All of these reports …

HBO’s HBOAcesses To Attract Diverse Emerging Filmmakers

HBO’s new four-week program titled HBO Access is said to provide project development, master classes and mentoring opportunities to emerging filmmakers, and will begin accepting applications from today. The program is open to all filmmakers who can put out their knowledge of camera and scripts, which will be evaluated and a top four will be chosen, each of whom will …

38 Studios Loan Debt Likely to be Handled with the Introduction of a Bill

38 Studios, the now-inoperative company founded by former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling and developers of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, left an enormous hole of debt in Rhode Island after it went bankrupt. A $75 million loan guarantee-sized void, to be precise. Last week, the state’s legislature introduced a bill that might free them of that burden. According to a report by a famous press firm, Representative Karen Macbeth, D-Rhode Island, introduced a bill on …

Dumb People Mad At Multilingual “America The Beautiful” Coca-Cola Ad

Coca-Cola’s new advertisement with “America the Beautiful” sung in numerous languages. Many of its drawbacks have been neglected and forgotten, but its harmless pandering to the idea that America is a polyglot nation is not on the take it easy list, except to dumb, intolerant people who were annoyed and mad about non-English languages being used in combination with America. …

A Scientist Filed A Lawsuit Aiming NASA And Its Administrator

NASA had announced recently that a strange rock had somehow “appeared” in front of its Mars Opportunity rover. The explanation given against it was pretty simple: maybe some kind of nearby impact sent a rock toward the rover, or, more likely, the rover knocked the rock out of the ground and no one noticed until later. Rhawn Joseph, a scientist …