Starbucks Education: To Provide Education To It’s Employees

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Well, Starbucks is not just popular for its amazing coffee, but it is also known for its generosity towards its employees. Obviously, being a Starbucks employee is not only about frothy coffee art and entertaining customers all day, but now it’s also about getting a free college education. The highly popular coffee chain is collaborating with the University of Arizona …


Taito Brings In Retro Coffee Mugs

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Well, in a few months you can add a new range of mugs to your coffee, tea or milk cup collection. This new range of coffee mugs or whatever type you categorise them as, are retro styled featuring Taito games collection. These 11-ounce mugs would feature five different classic Taito games decorated on them. The list of games includes Arkanoid, …

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Yahoo to bring a YouTube Rival this Summer

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According to latest reports, Yahoo is going to unveil a YouTube rival this summer. It is believed that the Yahoo’s service is going to offer more generous revenue-sharing deals for creators. It is being said that reportedly Yahoo’s service is expected to offer a better ad revenue share than Google YouTube’s 45%. Yahoo had earlier wanted to unveil this new …

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SELFIE: Click It Awesomely!

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These days everybody is obsessed with the “Selfie” thing and every person today loves taking a good selfie once in a while. Even the mobile companies are trying their best to bring in new stuff to their cameras to make that selfie look good. From celebrities to politicians, everyone is clicking up selfies, maybe in groups or individuals. Well, be …


Netflix To Bring In Changes To It’s Content Grid

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The current Netflix navigation system sometimes really get irritating to use, keep scrolling until you find something relative to watch. But apparently the company has some new plans for it. Netflix team is considering an entirely recommendation-based system. Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt in a statement yesterday said that “You won’t see a grid and a sea of titles.” …


PS4 And Xbox One Consumers Shed Out More Money For Electricity Than Others

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According to a survey by the National Resources Deference Council (NRDC) on the power consumption of consoles, Nintendo’s Wii U performed better than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both PS4 and Xbox One showed double the energy consumption compared to their previous versions, PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively. The report also tabulated that in standby mode, 40% of electricity ($400 …

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Oscar Announces $80 Million Fundraise

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Oscar, the US based health insurance company has recently announced an $80 million fundraise, taking its assessed price to nearly $1 billion. The company is based in New York City and had started up in January of this year, after founders Joshua Kushner, Kevin Nazemi and Mario Schlosser planned to use technology in creating a better and a customer-friendly health …

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Drink without getting drunk

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Jim Koch, the co­founder and chairman of Boston Beer Company recently revealed a secret to drink without getting drunk. He revealed this during an interview with the Esquire magazine. He has revealed a trick that seems to be like a useful idea for the executive of a beer company and which may have been revealed to boost up his own company’s sales may be. The secret that he revealed is to take active dry yeast before you indulge in drinking. According to him, take one teaspoon per drink and go hit the glasses. He suggests mixing it with yogurt to make the powder go down smoother, but those of you who feel eating it is not a problem; they can easily eat it before the drinking session. Though he may have revealed this technique, but some scientists don’t feel that it would work and so they have started their own research on the same.

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Twitch is the best live streaming site

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Twitch has become the number one site for live streaming video content in the United States, according to a detailed report by video solutions company Qwilt. The company’s data presents Twitch way ahead of its other competitors. It currently holds 43.6% of all live streaming viewership, while WWE is the distant second at 17.7%. Even ESPN couldn’t come any closer, …

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Vegetable Flavoured Ice-Cream by Haagen Dazs

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Vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream; find anything interesting or unique in here? Obviously not. Well, how about this?- Carrot ice cream, tomato ice cream; now what do you think? Well, that has become a reality in Japan as Vegetable Flavoured Ice-Cream by Haagen Dazs. Dazs has come up with ice cream flavours like Carrot Orange and …