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SELFIE: Click It Awesomely!

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These days everybody is obsessed with the “Selfie” thing and every person today loves taking a good selfie once in a while. Even the mobile companies are trying their best to bring in new stuff to their cameras to make …

LeoSELFIE: Click It Awesomely!

PS4 And Xbox One Consumers Shed Out More Money For Electricity Than Others

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According to a survey by the National Resources Deference Council (NRDC) on the power consumption of consoles, Nintendo’s Wii U performed better than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both PS4 and Xbox One showed double the energy consumption compared to …

LeoPS4 And Xbox One Consumers Shed Out More Money For Electricity Than Others
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Drink without getting drunk

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Jim Koch, the co­founder and chairman of Boston Beer Company recently revealed a secret to drink without getting drunk. He revealed this during an interview with the Esquire magazine. He has revealed a trick that seems to be like a useful idea for the executive of a beer company and which may have been revealed to boost up his own company’s sales may be. The secret that he revealed is to take active dry yeast before you indulge in drinking. According to him, take one teaspoon per drink and go hit the glasses. He suggests mixing it with yogurt to make the powder go down smoother, but those of you who feel eating it is not a problem; they can easily eat it before the drinking session. Though he may have revealed this technique, but some scientists don’t feel that it would work and so they have started their own research on the same.

Webmuch ArchiveDrink without getting drunk