Lexus Design Awards Winners 2014

The winners of the Lexus Design Awards 2014 have been announced. The winners will be getting a chance to showcase their conceptual artworks throughout and two of them will also be receive upto five million yen to cover their prototype costs. There were 12 winners announced and the list is as follows:

1. Iris by Sebastian Scherer

2. Macian by James Fox

3. Crane by Magenta

4. DICECOVER by Mansour Ourasanah

5. E-Wheel by Phuoc Nguyen

6. Flynote by alDith

7. Game of Space by IAO Architecture

8. JoyCarpet by Meng-Ling Yang

9. Ooho! by Skipping Rocks Lab

10. PAUSE by Stuti & Rajeev


12. Sky Lighthouse by Yoshiki Matsuyama

The works by these artists were phenomenal and kept the audience captivated.