Lebron James Gets His Own Drink, Called The Sprite 6 Mix

It’s been said that Lebron James will be getting his own drink. It is been called Sprite 6 Mix, which is said to be the delicious and refreshing. The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Jacques Couret reports that the Miami Heat star is getting his very own beverage, which will be available by “mid-March.”

Couret gives us an idea of what we can expect as far as the drink’s taste: “The limited edition Sprite 6 Mix by LeBron James combines the taste of traditional Sprite with a cherry and orange flavor,” Atlanta-based Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) said.
ESPN’s Darren Rovell shows off the bottle you can look for shortly in various stores around the nation: 

“I never imagined I would have my own flavor someday,” James said. “I had a great time working with the Sprite team to turn my favorite flavors into a pretty cool variation of one of my favorite brands. I’m proud of what we created and I’m excited for my fans to try it.”
Sadly, much like your favorite athlete wearing your favorite team’s uniform, the opportunity to experience this is fleeting. The special-edition beverage will be available for a limited time only and come in both “19.2-ounce cans and 20-ounce bottles” (via Rovell).
It was even reported by The ESPN business reporter that the 29-year-old NBA superstar has had a deal with Coca-Cola Co. since his season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Since then James has been spotted on the list of people with highest endorsements, He ranked No. 2 in Sports Illustrated’s 2013 look at the “Fortunate 50,” a list of the highest-earning athletes. 

Daniel Roberts, who compiled the list, said of James’ list of endorsements: 
James has bounced back from the stain of the Decision in 2010, leading Miami to the ’12 NBA title and repairing his image. New deals followed, with the likes of Baskin-Robbins and Samsung. LeBron also has one of the biggest contracts with Nike and is a part owner of the Liverpool soccer club.

His various ties has bought him a whopping $39 million the previous year in endorsements. However, none of them surprised him by telling him he can mix cherry and orange with some Sprite and quite literally call it your own. Rovell also mentioned that James has had his hand on the limited-edition products before, which the shoe and chewing-gum variety, so it would not be surprising if he goes on to lend his name to food items.