The Kickstarter For Epoch: Returns To Begin Soon

Nathan Moller, a former cinematic designer at BioWare is launching a Kickstarter for his company’s new gaming project Epoch: Returns. Moller is earlier known for working on famous titles like Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic. In an interview to a leading website, Moller explained Innate Games’ theory behind Epoch: Returns that features a husband and wife team of “interstellar treasure hunters,” who have barged in on an asteroid. While the wife has been assigned the duty to repair the ship, her husband goes on to explore the world to seek out the components required.

Moller said that married couples in a game are very rare to find, explaining, “Married couples in games are quite rare, and even when they are there they’re usually background, or one of them has been abducted or one of them has been dead and revenge is sought-after. We’re building a true couple. It hasn’t really been done much in games, at least not in any of the games I’ve played.”

Moller also said the game will take a page out of Mass effect by permitting players to explore, but rather than landing on the asteroid driving around like you would in Mass effect, players are going to be walking around taking giant leaps due to the asteroid’s gravity.

“We’re providing you with this jagged, ruined world and we’re gonna make it fun for you to take off in any direction you would like and simply explore it and jump around and reflect from the walls,” Moller said. Husband-wife, asteroid etc. Seems to be quite an interesting move, but more would be known once something more comes up regarding the game.
The game will be arriving in the Q1 of 2015.