How To Customize A File Upload Button Using CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript

Today we are customizing a file upload button using CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript . If you have ever tried this earlier then you would know customizing a  file upload button is very difficult. Now, I am going to try and explain the process to you in a simpler way.

So, take a look at how we customize a file upload button.
Here, we are creating a new file upload button on image icon which behaves consistently in pure “css cross browser”.
And here we begin with:

Step 1: index.html

The only HTML5 feature is the “multiple” attribute which allows the user to select any number of files.

The HTML markup is pretty simple, we just want to create a button which can be placed anywhere in the form:

In the code above, at first we make two input tags with id. One of them will be “uploadBtn” which is used to upload the file, and other will be “uploadFile” which is actually used to display the name of the image being uploaded.

Step 2: CSS included

While we are in the CSS, let’s just style our custom file upload button:


Now, you can use any type of a styling without worrying how to change default styles. In the CSS part, we need to define the dimensions-width and height-of the button as well as background and style the button text. In the above code, we have to used a class named “fileUpload” which actually sets the position of the “div” to “relative” (means it’ll work within the entire div section and not at the position where the file upload tag is used ). So, use this one to build your custom file upload button.

Step 3: Javascript

customize upload button

Using this script, we display the name of the images being uploaded by user in the textbox. Make sure you add the appropriate javascript in with the button to make it call the function.

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Happy Reading!


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