In-Game Currency Not Required To Purchase Forza Motorsport 5 DLC Cars

Turn 10 Studios is trying really very hard to win back hearts of all the disappointed Forza fans following its launch of Forza Motorsport 5 in November last year. The studio’s creative director Dan Greenawalt has announced more changes coming on to the game related to its economy in an open letter.

“As of today, all the players who have purchased DLC cars in Forza Motorsport 5 can now add those cars to their Forza 5 garage immediately and that also at no additional in-game cost,” Dan wrote in the letter. “When you buy a Car Pass, a DLC car pack, or a single DLC car, you’ll be granted the one-time free addition of each car to your Forza 5 garage, without needing to purchase them with in-game credits or tokens.”

He also said, “This goes for all the current Forza Motorsport 5 DLC (which also includes the cars in previous DLC car packs) and it will be the case for all the future Forza 5 DLC car packs as well. In addition, we have also fulfilled the request made by our fans; this most recent content update makes all of the initial 200 cars that launched with Forza 5 available as rental cars.”